Relate-able and a bit truthful on the woes of love, romance and dating.


Sassy Singularity

An Anthology of Short Stories

Genre: Romance

Book Synopsis

Sassy Singularity is an anthology of short stories about the inner strength of women, edited by Sare Liz Gordy. Featuring short stories from award winning playwright Rachel Lynn Brody and award winning short story writers Sare Liz Gordy and Sandi Layne, the anthology also features the work of newcomers Anne Baker, Teresa Watson, Rhiannan Robinson, and Sarah C. Munsey. The subjects range from robots to madmen, bureau chiefs to Cupid himself. There is romance, laughter, tears, and more than a dash of sass. Our heroines are sexy, sassy, and singlehandedly re-defining what it means to be a single woman.

"The Bureau of Misdirected Destiny" by Sare Liz Gordy is the story before the story. Located on the corner of 14th and S in Washington DC, if you're lucky you can enter in the right door and have the course of your entire life, changed... Sare Liz Gordy, the Editor and a Contributing Author, is an award-winning short story writer.

"Sweetheart" by Rachel Lynn Brody explores what happens when a sexbot gets a virus. Quirky and deadly serious at the same time, "Sweetheart" explores what love really is... Rachel Lynn Brody, Contributing Author and Senior Consultant, is an award-winning playwright.

"The M-Word" by Sandi Layne is about a bold and sassy SWOG who is looking to live her life and have fun, if only she could stop being plagued with proposals! Sandi Layne, Contributing Author, is an award-winning short story writer.

"Of Beer and Blogs" by Anne Baker is about a love-struck bartender as he watches the same group of single women in his bar, week after week. Can he gather the courage to approach the one he's got his eye on? Anne Baker, Contributing Author, is a newcomer!

"Dead Wrong" by Rhiannan Robinson explores the failure in communication that can occur between two people who are interested in each other. When Tom throws a curve ball, will Salvia be able to recover? Rhiannan Robinson, Contributing Author, is a newcomer! You can contact her through the Editor.

"Epistle to St. Cupid" by Teresa Watson is a witty and sassy letter of complaint to the man in charge. Teresa Watson, Contributing Author, is a newcomer! You can contact her through the Editor.

"Katie's Curler" by Sarah C. Munsey is a reflective peace about true beauty and its capacity to crack open a part of your heart you hadn't realized existed. Sarah C. Munsey, Contributing Author, is a newcomer! You can contact her through the Editor.

Debbie D's Rating

Debbie D's Review

I am not one that usually picks up a short story book. It takes time to develop compassion for an authors characters and I usually don't like short stories for this very reason. However the title "Sassy Singularity" intrigued me to read more. Although I liked some stories better than others, all of the short story pieces held my attention and surprisingly made me care about the characters as well in a short amount of time. Each story had a great hook that made you want to continue reading. My two favorite stories from this book were "Dead Wrong" by Rhiannan Robinson and "Of Beer and Blogs" by Anne Baker.

"Dead Wrong" was a story of Salvia and Tom. When you find your perfect match, you can't help but anticipate the next time you see them, the next date, the next kiss. Salvia romanticizes her encounters with Tom and finds out a surprising fact that will make you wonder till the very last page of this short story. Written from Salvia's point of view, I believe the author spoke to most single women with passion and clarity. All women have encountered Salvia's situation at one time or another. Relating to this story is the best part of learning what happens next.

"Of Beer and Blogs" was a contemporary romance about Charlie a female blogger that writes about the woes of her dating life and makes her readers laugh at the mishaps that can occur. A cute bartender named Sam falls for her without even really meeting her. The story unfolds as the two pass blog comments back and forth. This was an endearing story about romance and first encounters for our computer dating world.

I would highly recommend these great short stories for a time you need a laugh or a quick fun read. Relate-able and a bit truthful on the woes of love, romance and dating.

Disclaimer: This book was provided free of charge by either the author or publisher. There was no financial gain in regards to this review, and the opinions presented above were not artificially influenced in any way.