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Who Is Evelyn Dae?

Written by Sarah LaFleur

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

Evelyn Dae is an artistic teen with a mystery that even her closest friends can’t figure out.

Join Evelyn as she fishes for clues to her past, attempts to keep from drowning in her own secrets, and desperately tries not to plunge into a relationship with the new exchange student. Because she has rules.

Walki's Review

The question in the title refers to 16-year-old Evelyn Dae's origins. Her parents one day have revealed to her that she was adopted. The question also refers to her personality and her life. Evelyn has rules; one of them is that she will not date boys. The novella explains why, but it is the only element out of three that is clarified by the end of the book.

'Who is Evelyn Dae?' is Evelyn's diary. Rather than following the timeline as one generally does, Sarah Lafleur chose to go back in time every now and then, presenting the readers with essentially three different years, probably to explain the complexity of Evelyn's character.

Intriguing, but too short, 'Who is Evelyn Dae?' is the first part of a story following Evelyn's quest. It ends on a cliffhanger and I couldn't help but feeling a bit short-changed. While the author definitely whets the readers' interest, she might leave them a bit frustrated. Fortunately the second part is already available and thus can prevent withdrawal symptoms!

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.