Why You Should Be Using Amazon's Author Central, syndicated from @EBookBuilders

The following is syndicated from www.e-bookbuilders.com and is posted here with permission. 

Should you Use Amazon’s 

Author Central?

(If you don’t you are not maximizing the largest eretail market there is *SMH*)

Amazon US BUYI spend a lot (an I MEAN A LOT) of time on the internet and hours a day on Amazon specifically. I am amazed anytime I come across an author who has multiple titles that does not have an Amazon Author Page linked to their books. This is not a problem with just newbie writers, but authors who should know better.
twitterI am a reader first and foremost, granted I want to read romance and thrillers more than ‘War & Peace’ but I am not alone in wanting to know about the authors that I am reading. Readers want to be able to follow the blogs of authors they are reading or fond of. They want to be able to find the writers easily onTwitter; become a fan on Facebook, see your pins on Pintrest – in short they want to feel that they have a pipeline to you somewhere on the ‘net.  Not everyone is on Facebook (hard to believe but true) and not everyone is tweeting away on Twitter, but you should be doing everything you can to connect with those readers that are ‘plugged in’ even if you don’t want to be.
rssYou are doing blog hops, guest posts, tweeting like mad, meeting the people that could be making you a next Bestselling Author and if you are not linking all these contact methods together through the major literary retailer you are missing out. Some people will not take the time to research how to contact or follow you so how will they know that you have a new book coming out? That you are having a sale? How will they be able to feel connected to you if you are being “The Illusive Author”? Your readers want to connect with you and you should want to connect with your readers as well. How will you know if your characters or story is making an impact?
facebookIts a simple process and it gives readers a handy way to see your latest blog post, your last tweet, all of your books and even sign up for an email when your next book is released. Even if you don’t Tweet every day, or make a blog post more than once a month, or do a status update on Facebook except when you have sent your latest literary creation to the editors or just uploaded it through Createspace or KDPas an author you should at least give the appearance of being accessible to readers; of wanting to engage with those who buy/read your books.
Take the time to sign into Author Central, upload or update your bio, claim all of your books and link all of your current social media portals.  Currently Amazon’s Author Central does not have a widget area for linking your Facebook Page but I cannot help but think it will be coming sooner rather than later, in the meantime, just place a link to it in your actual bio.