Sci-Fi & Romance Authors: submit your book for review (1 week only)

March is Sci-Fi Month on the main site, so we need some sci-fi books to read. Have you written one? Would you like us to read and review it? (No guarantees that we'll pick it up, but until January 20th you are welcome to submit it.)

Also, our back list of romance books is getting low, so we need some romance books for our fledgling Romance site. We have plenty of reviews for now, but we are looking ahead to the spring.

Because we are opening submissions for more than one genre, please be very careful with your submission. We should be able to tell at a glance what is a Sci-Fi submission and what is a Romance one. If we are confused, we may not pick it up.

If your book falls into either genre, please make sure the main genre is labeled with the one that more closely fits. If your story is more sci-fi than romance, choose sci-fi as the main genre.

And, if a submission does not use either Sci-Fi or Romance as the main genre, we'll probably delete without further investigation.

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If you'd like to join our review crew, go to the Reviews tab on the navigation menu and click on Join Our Review Crew.

IMPORTANT: Please read our REVIEW POLICY before submitting your review request. Failure to follow our guidelines will result in your request being declined!

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