What do you get if you win Cover Wars?

I recently blogged about a new feature for Cover Wars in February. In case you missed it, click HERE. A quick recap: a group ebook giveaway is being added.

What I failed to talk about in the other post was the prize for the winning cover. Starting in January of 2014, the winner of Cover Wars gets a free entry into the next month. More exposure for no extra money.

How the campaign works

The power behind Cover Wars is the community driven traffic. You bring your family, friends, and anyone else you can get—have them come to the site to vote for your book every day. By doing this you are helping your fellow competitors. Exposure for all!

Scavenger Hunt: each scavenger will be encouraged to check out each book in the competition. They go to your book's Amazon page and answer a question about your book for a chance at a prize.

They can also choose to follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook, not to mention check out your blog to answer another scavenger hunt question. Once again the exposure factor cannot be ignored.

Available packages

  1. Cover Wars only ($5)
  2. Cover Wars and Scavenger Hunt but no giveaway ($15)
  3. Cover Wars, Scavenger Hunt, and Giveaway ($20)
For the small additional fee, your book is included in the giveaway, which means that it will be displayed more than a book that is simply in the Scavenger Hunt—and more prominently as well. A pic of all available books to be won will be used to showcase the giveaway. 

Also, tweets that mention your book specifically will be used, whereas books just in the Scavenger Hunt or just Cover Wars aren't featured directly that way. 

And, finally, as alluded to before, books that are available in the giveaway will have a synopsis included—yet another way your book is exposed to the campaign participants.

Important Notes

Some have not been getting my emails, even if I email them via the contact email provided (over the email account associated with PayPal). So, I highly suggest you add my address to your contact list or approved list through your email provider so that my emails don't go to the Junk folder ... or at least check your Junk folder if you haven't heard from me.

Here's my email: msl_007@live.com

If you only sign up for Cover Wars, I don't need any additional info from you, so you won't hear from me until after the campaign starts. If you sign up for either version of the Scavenger Hunt, I will email you a few days to a week before the campaign starts—when exactly depends on how organized I am around that time.

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