Married w/children and an extremely passionate sex-life! Adventurous Horizons by @DTIverson

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Adventurous Horizons

The Modern Erotic Epic Series

Written by D. T. Iverson

Genre: Erotic Romance

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Paul and Janey met and married in the first book in this series. They traveled around Europe as a couple finding adventure and passion. Now it is seven years later and their daughter Helen “Hilley” Larson, who was literally conceived in the ruins of ancient Troy, is the perfect model of the gifted child.

So Janey and Paul decide to give back in the form of special grants to develop the potential of children around Europe. Come along as they set up their foundation and visit Paris, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Vienna and Athens. Paul and Janey prove once and for all that “married with children” does not spell the end to a loving, creative and extremely passionate sex-life!

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Adventurous Horizons


An Invitation

From the authors

We put together this Modern Romance that is not quite Erotica and more real-life sexual situations! A story that shows, sex doesn't stop because you have children or have been married for several years. Let us know what you think.

Author Bio

D. T. Iverson

That's right the pen name D.T. Iverson represents a normal couple, taking time out from their busy lives to write Erotic Romance novels together. Mr. Iverson is a small town college prof who was gifted with the writing bug. He spends his days writing books, articles and papers in his area of expertise and his nights teaching at the local university. 

While his beautiful wife, who has many of the endowments of the heroine in our stories, spends her days running a small charity and keeping him on task. She enjoys music, art, her children and grandchildren. 

This couple spends their time traveling the globe for work. But they have always been able to enjoy all of the sights and sounds in each exotic location and also, of course, each other. They hope that their books give you a glimpse of the epic romance they have shared over the years!