Promote a free book or one on sale and other short term advertising options.


Up to this point there's only been one kind of short term promo option: advertising your Kindle Free Days.

And advertising your Kindle Free days has been the only advertised option that allows an author to specify which day the promo runs. Of course, if someone wanted a specific day, I would try to work with them so that they got what they wanted.

But for the most part, for most promo posts, I've picked the dates.

And there's something else that I noticed about the Kindle Free Days. Since our posts are usually promoted fairly strongly for several days (without my direct intervention), promos would get attention long after the book was no longer free. To combat that, the only place I would mention the free aspect would be in tweets, which are less susceptible to date confusion.

The only times I labeled a post with the dates the book was free was if the free days were all 5 that KDP Select allows or if the book was always free.

Since advertising your free days look about the same as a normal promo post, I'm opening up regular promos to this short term feature: picking the day it runs.

But this affects more than just the promo. Tweets will be short term as well. In other words, I won't promote this kind of post long term.

When should you use this kind of promo option?

The short answer is when you want short term exposure. For example:

  • Cover Reveal
  • Launch day celebration
  • Promote a giveaway*
  • Kindle Free Days†
  • Kindle Countdown Promotion
  • Book is on sale for a short time

*I will not administer, manage, or create a giveaway with this type of promotion. The author/agent of the author will need to provide the Rafflecopter code or similar.

†If your book is always free, long term tweets could spread out your exposure, reaching more people in the long run.

Basically, order this kind of promotion when you want me to concentrate all my efforts in a short period of time.

Short Term Advantage

By far, the biggest advantage is a slew of unique tweets during the campaign. Long term tweets repeat, which is why I can do so many of them for so cheap. Doesn't take me long to come up with 10 unique tweets and then use them many times over.

But with this campaign I spend more time composing tweets. The variety of tweets will bring in more people in the short term. Long term tweets are still better for overall traffic, but you have to have the patience to allow the people to trickle in over a time period of a month or more.

This advantage creates a slight disadvantage, though minor in comparison. Because I'm spending more time on composing tweets, this promotion option gives you fewer tweets overall.

Two Packages

Package #1 — $20

  • Promo post (free only mentioned if the book is free for 5 days or more)*
  • 200 tweets (not counting the normal amount of tweets a post gets)
    • 20 minimum unique tweets via 5 Twitter accounts, though my goal will be closer to 40 so that I don't have to repeat any.

Package #2 — $30

  • Promo post (free only mentioned if the book is free for 5 days or more)*
  • 400 tweets (not counting the normal amount of tweets a post gets)
    • Same number of unique tweets as in package #1, but I will repeat the group until I reach 400 tweets.
  • I will email book club members who have signed up for your genre. (More than 100 people for most genres)

*Tweets will mention #free on the days the book is free, even if the post does not.

I'm also trying something new with this promo option. The author will let me know the details via a form, but let me make this clear, I don't want you filling out the form if you have not paid for the promotion.

Once you have paid, please fill out the form at THIS LINK.