Blogger Banter #14: Alysia from @lilpocketbooks and Mocha Girls Read!

The art of gossiping, gabbing and chatting with awesome book bloggers!

Today, I'm featuring the beautiful, book-clubbin', audiobook-lover, ALYSIA from LITTLE POCKETBOOKS! 

Thanks for coming by! Let the Banter begin!


GFC: 338 
Google +: 81 
 Twitter: 2,181
Goodreads: 1,028
Email: 316
Pinterest: 1,313


Blogging Since? 2012
Lives in? USA
Solo (blogger), duo, trio...? Solo and trying to get more ladies for Mocha Girls Read website
Print or eBooks? Print and Audiobook
Average number of books read a month? 4 - 5
Favorite Genre? Fiction
Book Boyfriend? No one (yet)
Rating System? Stars


What was the very first post you ever made on Little Pocketbooks

"What I Am Reading Now..." This is a post I do to let everyone know what my current read is.

First Book Reviewed: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Where is your favorite place to read? What’s your favorite snack to eat while reading? 

Favorite place to read: In my bed with a my comforter wrapping me up. 

Favorite Snack: Wine. Is that considered a snack? Mostly beverages for me–tea and wine. Is wine a snack? Uh...most definitely.

If Little Pocketbooks had a theme song, what would it be? 

I can only think of a theme song for Mocha Girls Read. "We are Family" by Sister Sledge (of course). Of course!

Looks like you’re going to be participating in a lot of reading challenges this year. Which challenge are you most looking forward to and what’s your goal?

 I would be thrilled to get 12 or more books off of my TBR list and that would help other challenges too. (ie, Dusty Shelf)  

Tell our readers about the Mocha Girls Read book club. How did you get started, what’s the aim of the book club, and what are some of the current happenings?

Mocha Girls Read
I started Mocha Girls Read after joining two other book clubs and not finding the real sisterhood I was looking for. I wanted to join a few others, but the rules to join did not fit my current life situation (I would not be able to host 12+ women in my house since I have a one bedroom apt. or paying $50.00 a year is steep since I would have to pay for a book every month too.) But mostly I wanted to be in a book club that reflected me mostly. 

I am a black woman that read everything not just black authors. There were no book club like that around. Two years and four chapters later, Mocha Girls Read is making a few (small) waves in the publishing world. Publishers are now getting the idea of marketing non-black authors to black women.  Go figure! Our mission is simple. We are a free online and in-person book club for bringing black women together to enjoy literature and fellowship with each other. Currently, we just opened our San Diego, Ca. chapter, and we are all reading Divergent for the month of January. Houston, Texas is looking like the next chapter. 

This is just so wonderful! I'm so waiting for the DC chapter to kick off and I'm so there! Loving what you're doing, Alysia :) Find out more about Mocha Girls Read HERE!

You really like audiobooks! What does enjoying a book this way give you that reading a print/digital book doesn’t?

I love audiobooks because it helps my one hour commute to and from work.  It's a great to have my quiet time in my car with a good read. 

What is the BEST thing about being a book blogger?

Best is the community and the worst is writing the reviews since I am not a writer. It's the hardest thing for me. I think we ALL struggle with writing reviews, even authors.

Lots of bloggers are finding it more and more difficult to maintain an online presence and keep up with real life demands at the same time. How do you manage blogging, a very active book club, and real life?

I don't think I am managing it at all. I want to do more and with the book club and my blog (and my life)  LOL! You sound just like me! I always want to do more and there's just not enough time!

If there was one movie within the last ten years that you could have starred in, which movie would it have been and why?

I loved The Artist and I would have loved to be in that one. The clothes were great. I love dressing up.  

Thanks a lot, Alysia!

That was fun! Thanks so much!


On the next Blogger Banter, I'll be dishing it up with Megan from The Book Babe's Reads! See you guys then!