"Captures the flavour of the suspense writers of the 1960's." Oblong by @JenDesroches

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Through a Mirror Darkly

Written by Jenevive Desroches

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Ernie Johnson will do almost anything for Dianne Wright, his beautiful and brilliant girlfriend. She restores his faith in humanity and gives him hope. When she asks him to follow her into a fun house maze—her favorite place—he quickly agrees, but gets lost in the shuffle of mirrors.

One in particular draws his attention and when he's pushed into it, he wakes up in another reality where he comes face to face with a difficult truth about himself. Struggling to come to terms with his guilt, and running from Dianne's revenge, Ernie must find his way back to the world he knows before he loses his life.

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Like the house of mirrors, this story is never quite what you expect it to be. Desroches’ writing is lyrical, but the bedroom scene she paints crawls with the darker side of sexuality and domestic violence, begging questions we so often, as a culture, ignore.

Her characterization is particularly stellar: Ernie’s transition from protagonist to antagonist was subtle enough I had to go back and figure out when I’d stopped worrying about him and started genuinely disliking him. And, as all good writers do, Desroches didn’t stop there. She turned the tables on me a second time, bringing Dianne’s darkness to the forefront, leaving me unsettled by both her characters.

In “Oblong”, Desroches captures the flavour of the suspense writers of the 1960’s: the world she’s written feels familiar to the reader, yet unnerving at the same time. There is a Ray Bradbury-esque quality to the escalating interactions of Ernie and Dianne and a satisfying twist to their storyline.

As with life, “Oblong” is a complicated mix of past and present, truth and lies, and Ms. Desroches explores this dark side of human nature without flinching. A definite must-read!

This is a fascinating story about a man named Ernie, who falls through a mirror in a funhouse and ends up taking a good long look at his darker side, as well as that of his girlfriend, Dianne.

The really intriguing part is that this dark side is a part of them that they're suppressing, believing themselves to have risen above their past. I also was surprised at how quickly I went from thinking they were a charming couple, to feeling a little bit sick to my stomach by their behavior. A physical reaction that helped illustrate the two different versions of the characters.

I liked the way that this glimpse of himself helped Ernie realize that there were issues he wasn't facing, thinking he had turned his back on the past and it no longer had a claim on him.

I really don't think you can go wrong with this book. It's fascinating, and it really makes you think, what would I be like on the dark side of that mirror?

Author Bio

Jenevive Desroches

Jenevive has always lived with books. Stories brought to life by pen and paper and ink that would otherwise have lived only in the mind of the author. By the ripe old age of 13, she was convinced she wanted to write. 

Jenevive Desroches now lives and writes in Portland, Oregon with her daughter, a cat and her partner. When not in front of a keyboard or spending time with her family, she fills her days with gardening, fiber arts, political and educational volunteering, and of course, reading.