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Perfection Unleashed

(Book 1 of the Double Helix series)

Written by Jade Kerrion

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Synopsis

What would you do if you came face-to-face with perfection,
and it looked just like you?

Two men, one face.
One man seeks to embrace destiny,
the other to escape it.

Danyael Sabre spent sixteen years clawing out of the ruins of his childhood and finally has everything he wanted--a career, a home, and a trusted friend. To hold on to them, he keeps his head down and plays by the rules. An alpha empath, he is powerful in a world transformed by the Genetic Revolution, yet his experience has taught him to avoid attention.

When the perfect human being, Galahad, escapes from Pioneer Laboratories, the illusory peace between humans and their derivatives--the in vitros, clones, and mutants--collapses into social upheaval. The abominations, deformed and distorted mirrors of humanity, created unintentionally in Pioneer Lab's search for perfection, descend upon Washington D.C. The first era of the Genetic Revolution was peaceful. The second is headed for open war.

Although the genetic future of the human race pivots on Galahad, Danyael does not feel compelled to get involved and risk his cover of anonymity, until he finds out that the perfect human being looks just like him.

Walki's Review

The world as we know it has been transformed by the Genetic Revolution. While there are still humans, there are also in-vitro humans (the best genetic material from a human couple put together), clones (including from historical people), and mutants. Humans being humans, some of them do not like this diversity and call themselves pro-humanists. Pro-humanist Jason Rakehell founded the organisation Purest Humanity.

Jason also hates his father, the scientist Roland Rakehell. Roland, with his colleague Michael Cochran, created the perfect, but non-human, Galahad, and also the creatures known as the abominations, in the military-sponsored Pioneer Laboratories.

The story starts with Zara, a human, infiltrating the laboratories to get a DNA sample from Galahad. Zara runs an agency of mercenaries and seems to live for action. At the same time pro-humanists, led by Jason Rakehell, invades the same premises, and make the fatal mistake of releasing the abominations. Zara, guessing the pro-humanists would kill Galahad if given the opportunity, decides to "steal" him. Galahad being wounded during their escape, she decides to take him to her friend Lucien's mansion, and asks her accomplice Xin to meet them there.

The rich and powerful in-vitro Lucien is not very happy about it, but when he sees Galahad's face he orders for his friend the doctor Danyael Sabre to be picked up in New York and brought to his mansion ASAP. Xin is a computer expert/hacker and the clone of a 1,200 BC queen, military general, and high priestess from ancient China. Danyael is an alpha mutant, an extremely powerful empath. Galahad and Danyael are so look-a-like they could be twins.

To complete the cast, Jade Kerrion offers Miriya, an alpha mutant, too, but a powerful telepath. The Mutant Advisory Council asks her to locate Danyael and deal with him as necessary when he doesn't respond to the recall of all mutants, after riots break out in Washington, DC, and elsewhere.

Our cast of heroes is now complete. We have three diverse male characters and three strong female characters. While the story line is very focused on the dynamics between them, it is also very action-led. Action is almost non-stop, with an occasional breather every now and then.

Jade Kerryon's style is flowing and fluid. She has a solid knowledge of biology, and while giving us the technical details necessary to understand the story, she does so with appropriate words, without falling into the excessive technological language that made me give up on Jan de Fast's science-fiction novels. Jade Kerryon sprinkles humour of various degrees from one character to the next while guiding us in a world of human and governmental politics.

At the end of 'Perfection Unleashed' she leaves us wondering what will happen next, she leaves us wanting to know how the characters will fare after all that happen to them. I think I need to read the next instalment of her Double Helix series. This world, and the characters she created, intrigue and interest me too much to leave now.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

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