Yep, aliens have families, and family dynamics. Talking to Strangers by @catherinemintz

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Talking to Strangers

(The Strangers Series)

Written by Catherine Mintz

Genre: Science Fiction

With a mysterious signal and a stealthy pinpoint strike of awesome power, the government of twenty-first century America has been convinced to surrender a handful of its citizens to aliens for unknown purposes. Among the conscripts is seventeen-year-old Victoria Manning. Gliding through the drowned landscape of Old Washington, she has no way of knowing she is crossing a line into the unknown and there may be no way back once she has become a Beyal translator.

Praise for

Talking to Strangers

In Book One we get our first peek into a complex alien culture, complete with richly drawn, interesting characters. Yep, aliens have families, and family dynamics. The book ends at a point where we are about to be drawn even deeper into the alien culture -- and I, for one, am looking forward to Book Two.

For the sake of readers-to-be, I don't want to say more, as Talking to Strangers is a book of mysteries gradually revealed, not the least of these being the true identity of the aliens. As Talking with Strangers is first of three books, we don't learn all of the mysteries, but we learn enough to supsect that the revelations of the next two books will be well worth reading.