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Written by Gareth Worthington

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Synopsis

Huaquero is Gareth Worthington's thrilling sequel to Huahuqui. After narrowly escaping a Chinese military strike on Paradise Ranch, Kelly and Freya head to Egypt in search of the device that may save humankind: an orb that will enable them to communicate with the last of Earth's most ancient and intelligent race. Hunted by both the US and Chinese governments, the only man who Kelly can think of to turn to for help is an old enemy; a man with whom he hoped never to speak again.

Rebekah P's Review

I must admit that after reading book 1, Huahuqui, by Gareth, I was totally looking forward to reading book 2 in the series. Huaquero did not let me down. Kelly and Freya now find themselves traversing across Egypt, India and finally Russia in search of what they hope will bring the end to world disaster.

What I like about Gareth's writing is that in so few words, he gives you the breadth of a character. In this book, we learn more about what makes the central characters, and even some of the secondary characters work.

That’s a challenging feet for sci-fiction as this style of writing is more reminiscent, to me, of good fiction. But one does have to have some knowledge of Humanities to read Huaquero in order to keep up with the intense influx of the history of mankind and its fascination with “ancient aliens.”

Overall, I was thoroughly entertained with this book as I was with Huahuqui. I do wish it had ended with the letter because it was so poignant and wrapped up things nicely, however. But as with all series, the writer must lead us into the next adventure.

And this third one is probably going to be the most frightening, yet adventurous one of all.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

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