Blogger Banter #2: Meet Bella (@BoomBaby83) from Boom Baby Reviews!

The art of gossiping, gabbing and chatting with awesome book bloggers!

Today, I'm featuring the boomin', the looney, has-a-famous-pug, vamp-lovin', magic-carpet-ridin', editing-extraordinaire, BELLA from BOOM BABY REVIEWS! 

Thanks for swinging by, lady! Let the Banter begin!

**DeeJay's Comments**


Blogging Since? 2012
Lives in? USA
Solo (blogger), duo, trio...? Solo
Print or eBooks? Both
Average number of books read a month? Varies greatly
Favorite Genre? Epic Fantasy
Book Boyfriends? Quincy Morris ("Dracula"), Edward Rochester ("Jane Eyre"), Colonel Brandon ("Sense & Sensibility"), F'lar (The Dragonriders of Pern Series), Strafford Law (The Oracle of Delphi Series) & Dexter ("Thaw") (I'm a literary tramp, what can I say?) Does your husband know?
Rating System? Fireballs Sounds painful ;)


What was the very first post you ever made on Boom Baby Reviews

I started on Blogspot, and my first post there was a goofy "grand opening!" post that said nothing important really, lol. Once I moved to the subdomain of my Mia Darien site, it was a riveting "I've moved!" *LOL*

What was the first book you ever reviewed? 

On Blogspot, it was "The Survivor" by Ursula K. Raphael. On the current location, it was "The Red Man" by Anna Reith. Oddly enough? Both short stories...

Where is your favorite place to read? What’s your favorite snack to eat while reading? 

I am pretty much happy reading anywhere that's comfortable, so usually in bed or on the couch. I usually forget to eat while reading, if the book is good! I love reading in bed too. And I NEVER forget to eat :P

If Boom Baby Reviews had a theme song, what would it be? 

Actually, if you read on my site about how the name "Boom Baby" came to be, there was a song I heard in my head at the time. At least, the energy and feel of it (as most of the lyrics don't really apply), plus the line that says "Boom, here comes the Boom" -- the way they do it was heard in my head when I'd say, "Boom, baby!" I'm such a nerd... BUT ANYWAYS, it's "Boom" by P.O.D.

How often do you visit the library? 

Not nearly often enough, but having moved recently, I still need to learn where all the libraries are...

Why did you choose to be one of the dwindling bloggers who accept Indie review requests? 

Mainly because I am one, as Mia Darien. I found that few bloggers accepted Indie books and while I do understand, it still made me sad. I was already reading and reviewing books to learn more about my new community, so I decided to start a blog and invite Indies.

Who has been your favorite author to interview? Do you have a favorite character interview as well?

I've done a lot of both on my Mia Darien site and will start doing them on Boom Baby Reviews, but you know, I don't know I really have favorites! I've just enjoyed working with all authors. :)

What is the BEST thing about being a book blogger? The WORST? 

The best thing is all the cool books I get to read and interacting with fellow authors, while the worst is split between when someone asks me to review something I don't like and I have to write that review, and then trying to keep up! Life gets so busy and I fall behind on my reading and reviewing. Don't we all?

Lots of bloggers are finding it more and more difficult to maintain a blog and keep up with real life demands at the same time. Being a wife, mother AND an author, how do you manage blogging and real life? 

HA! I was just talking about that... Honestly, I'm not even sure. The balance is that I can't keep everything up 100% of the time. When life gets REALLY crazy outside of the computer, I can't do as much of the blogging thing. When things aren't so bad, I can, because I'm a ridiculous multi-tasker who is, apparently, not happy unless I'm doing a million things. And really, reading can fit in so many quiet moments of life, like when my kid is busy playing legos, and writing the reviews doesn't take all that long.

There’s a knock at your bedroom window. Looking braver than you feel, you go to answer it. You fling the curtains open to find a magic carpet floating outside of it. It waves a tassel, inviting you aboard. Like a crazy person, you accept. Where does the magic carpet take you?

If it's asking for requests, I'd say the British Isles. I've always wanted to see England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland... I've been to England! It was fantastic, but expensive. You'll love it :)

Thanks so much, Bella! Had a blast!


On the next Blogger Banter, I'll be getting the goods on Stephanie from Bookfever!