Blogger Banter #4: Dashley from @PnormalSisters!

The art of gossiping, gabbing and chatting with awesome book bloggers!

Today, I'm featuring that horror-lovin', energetic, duo-bloggin', "St. Clair" adorin', book hoarder DASHLEY from PARANORMAL SISTERS! 

Thanks for stopping by! Let the Banter begin!

**DeeJay's Comments**

(Friends and Followers)

GFC: 141
Bloglovin’: 63
Networked Blogs: 8
Twitter: 1,045
Facebook: 47
Goodreads: 76


Blogging Since? 2011
Lives in? USA
Solo (blogger), duo, trio...? Duo, Ashley (me) and my sister, Tasha
Print or eBooks? Print
Average number of books read a month? 8
Favorite Genre? Paranormal
Book Boyfriend? St. Clair, Anna and the French Kiss
Rating System? Bats or Hearts 


What was the very first post you ever made on Paranormal Sisters

The very first one was a book review on Pretty Little Liars.

Where is your favorite place to read? What’s your favorite snack to eat while reading? 

I really don’t have a favorite place, but I read most on my bed wrapped in blankets haha. I don’t usually eat while reading because I can get so wrapped up in the story lines. I’m the type that has to remind herself to get a drink once in a while, so I can live a bit longer to read longer haha. I think most book lovers can feel you on the forfeiture of survival instincts when lost in a good novel!

The video for “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons (I love them) is at the top of the Paranormal Sisters blog. Is this like, your theme song?

It should be our theme song haha. That would certainly make a better story. No, actually I have a regular post called Sunday Songs and I decided to post the songs at the top of my blog and at the bottom of it. I just really haven’t changed it and I think its cause everyone loves it so much. Or that I’m just lazy sometimes haha. I even have Endlessly by The Cab on the bottom, they’ve both been there for months now.

I also review TV shows and movies on my personal book blog. What made you start reviewing TV and movies?

I think the reason I started to review them is because I love movies, especially horrors! And I love reviewing, so I just wanted to share my opinions on them. Me too! Check out Dashley's TV/Movie reviews HERE!

You’re participating in a lot of reading challenges this year. Which one is your favorite so far?

And I’m actually succeeding in them too! :D I think my favorite would have to be the Sequels Challenge hosted by Auntie Spinelli Reads! 'Cause sometimes I’m just so bad at continuing series because there’s always more wonderful reads coming out and of course all those new series! It’s just so hard to keep up sometimes, haha.

How often do you visit the library, if at all?

Often! When I first started blogging it was always with books I bought. Well, as the years went by I came to be a bit of a book hoarder. I would keep buying books but never getting to them (so many books, not enough time). I have books from Nov. 2011 I still haven’t gotten to yet, haha. So, to save money for my future now (cause I’m at the point in my life where I need to branch away. Plus, I really want to marry my boyfriend, haha) I started to go to the library. I go at least a few times a month now.

Why did you choose to be one of the dwindling bloggers who accept Indie review requests? 

Because an indie author is what started my book blogging career. Back in 2010, I bought a book from Keary Taylor. When I found out she published it herself I was surprised and intrigued. I started to follow her blog which led me to blog myself. Plus, I was writing myself, so this opened my eyes to a whole new world. And one I wanted to be a part of one day. Just because one did it themselves, doesn’t mean it’s worth anything less than the traditional way. It’s worth a chance and I think those that take the risk of publishing themselves (me included) should be praised for being so brave, because we do get looked down upon for doing so. I agree with every single word :)

What is the BEST thing about being a book blogger? The WORST? 

The best is meeting all these wonderful book loving people. To be able to share my love and opinions with them, I can’t believe there’s so many book lovers out there! The worst would be posting reviews more than once a week (I try to have three reviews up a week), I read a lot but not as nearly as quick as some of you guys. Those that put up 4 or more reviews up in a week, you guys amaze me! I wish I read that fast, haha. I know! I'm lucky if I get two reviews up a week. That's an accomplishment.

Lots of bloggers are finding it more and more difficult to maintain a blog and keep up with real life demands at the same time. How do you manage blogging and real life, especially as an author? 

Well, since I don’t have a job (sadly) that helps a lot, haha. But it’s all about time management, which I am still learner at. I don’t know, I think it’s cause I don’t really have a life out of my house. I do go out with friends and what not once in a while, but since my college class is on the internet, I’m home all the time. Though I feel like I don’t get much done but my blog, haha, again I’m still learning on how to balance things. But I’m getting better, promise!

You’re skipping through the woods in your red miniskirt on your way to grandmother’s house, when you’re stopped by the Big Bad Wolf on a motorcycle. After checking you out, he asks what kind of food is in your picnic basket. You’re like, good question. What is in your picnic basket? 

First thing that comes to mind is a horror theme, I don’t know if something’s wrong with me or what, haha? What if Red is bad? So, a severed head is in my picnic basket which is what attracted the sexy Big Bad Wolf in the first place. SCORE for that answer! A severed head...awesome! And Wolfy is hot, huh? I'm down for that ;)

Thanks so much, Dashley! GREAT interview!


On the next Blogger Banter, we'll be meeting Christina from Booksane! See you then!