Why Writers Need to Avoid the Competition Trap, syndicated from @MarquitaHerald

The following is syndicated from The Business of Being an Author and is posted here with permission.

The competition trap
robs you of your potential.

 avoid the competition trap

You need to think abundantly about your life and author business. It’s understandable when you’re new to seek the opinions and ideas of other authors, but eventually you will have to muster the courage to follow your own path.

The Competition Trap
Creates a Scarcity Mindset

Over time focusing on what other authors are doing can create a feeling that you’re fighting for scraps. I see this all the time, writers bemoaning all the new books being published every day and wondering if the market is over saturated.
You can break out of this trap by focusing on yourself and your own initiative. Be so busy creating your own success you don’t have time to know what the competition is up to.


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