Original and fresh. Procythian Reign by @proceenawriter

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Procythian Reign

Written by T. Allen Diaz

Genre: Science Fiction

Proceena, corporate capital of the Procyon 2 System, a place where humanity lives a double life: One of opulent wealth, and one of crushing poverty. Now, these worlds will collide, forever changing the lives of those caught between them.

Laura Clabar is the niece of the CEO of the reigning corporate authority. She lives a life of privilege and comfort. But, after falling for an idealistic, politically active indigo (Procythian working class), she begins to question if there is more to power and status than a life of creature comforts and luxury. Does she have a Noble Obligation to protect those less fortunate? Or, should she just go on living her life of opulence blind to the suffering of others?

Eric Phillips is an officer in the Guild of Proceena Workers, and a fiery, intense radical. He wants change and he wants it now. When a mysterious stranger comes into his life with an intriguing offer, it looks like he just might get it.

But, is there room for both of them in the Procyon System? Can an angry revolutionary work hand-in-hand with a sworn class enemy, or, will Laura soften his iron temperament? And, can they stay one step ahead of her uncle’s relentless henchman, Leo Krisminski, or will they end up as casualties of this would-be revolution?

Praise for

Procythian Reign

Diaz has crafted a world easily comparable to our own. The book is more than scifi or fantasy or conspiratorial tale. It touches on class divides that pervade our own societies, and roots these multidimensional characters in a complex but cohesive city and planet.

Despite this, you are never bogged down by too many details, and the main plot runs smoothly, with crisp action to boot. You can read the summary if you want an idea of the story's trajectory, but definitely do take a look inside to understand what I'm saying in regards to the style. Complete with elements of love, horror, subterfuge, and corporate evil...

Oh yea, the ending was pretty cool too ;) Recommended!

The way the story is written makes it very attainable to envision every setting. It makes you feel as if you are observing the plot within Proceena. Easy to read but original and fresh. Highly recommend!