The #Mystery Scavenger Hunt has been extended. Have you played yet?

Since the scavenger hunt hasn't received as much attention this month as it did last month, I'm changing tactics a little in the eleventh hour.

First, it's being extended through the first week of September. This is not only to give people more time to enter and me more time to promote it, but also to give bloggers a chance to post about it, which will earn the blogger 10 chances in the hunt.

If you would like to blog about this hunt, simply go to this link. Download the post. Put it in your blog host (blogger, wordpress, etc...) and hit publish. Don't forget to inform me about your post by filling out the appropriate option on the Rafflecopter widget. Then, encourage all your blogging friends to do the same.

If you would like to receive emails when blogging opportunities like this come around, see this post.

For everyone: after you answer questions about the 8 books, lots of entry options open up to you, such as following the authors on Twitter and so forth.

You can earn five chances in the scavenger hunt by participating in the last two rounds of the Mystery Cover Wars. The final round starts on August 28, so don't miss your two chances.

The hunt is sponsored by the following books. The covers link to

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