"A thrilling young adult book" A Girl Between by Marjorie Weismantel #paranormal #fantasy

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A Girl Between

Written by Marjorie Weismantel

This is a story of Tess, a 16 year old girl who finds herself an unwitting participant in a series of disturbing events. Tess’s life changes drastically when her abusive step-uncle dies under mysterious circumstances. She is forced to pick up and move across the country with her aunt and cousins to her grandmother’s house in Woodley, Connecticut. Upon arriving, she experiences a strange feeling of familiarity, as if she’s lived there before; but that would be impossible, wouldn’t it?

As Tess settles into her new life in Woodley, she manages to make a few friends, while also discovering she has many enemies. An unusual influx of strange people arriving in town on a daily basis only adds to her sense of unease. She finds herself at the confluence of forces she is at a loss to explain. Unfortunately, the chaos starts to impact the safety of her family and friends.

Tess knows it’s time to seek the truth about herself. She undergoes regression hypnosis which reveals that she lived as a witch in her many past lives. Tess’s present reluctance to embrace her identity as a witch stems from the horrific persecution she suffered throughout the centuries.

Tess pays a visit to The Between, the place between lives, where the souls of the dead undergo spiritual rejuvenation. She communicates with her fellow soul mates who provide her with the information that is essential to halting the events that are escalating toward a disaster of epic proportions. Tess also learns of evil powers practiced by others, and how her own past foreshadows her crucial role in an apocalyptic battle of good against evil.

Praise for A Girl Between

This was a very easy book to read, fast moving with twists and turns. I quickly felt intimately connected with Tess as she tried to discover who she was. As a reader, I became aware of who Tess was a little before Tess understood who she was, and that was really exciting (to see how Tess began to understand). The flashbacks to earlier historical times were like little exciting stories onto themselves, but still had tremendous bearing on the main story line. I had no idea how the story would finish until the ending occurred - WOW!!!

I enjoyed reading about the history of witchcraft, especially related to New England since I reside there. Her auric abilities were also fascinating to read about. All in all, it was was a very interesting read that I would recommend to young and old alike.

The fact that you can get a book this well written for less than a dollar makes this a no-brainer. This book is full of suspense and excitement on every page. It has the perfect mix of fact, history, and fiction to make the witches lives seem incredibly real and possible. From the moment I started reading I found it nearly impossible to put down until the last word. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

I found this to be a thrilling young adult book in which I quickly identified with the main character, Tess. It quickly captivated my attention and the plot continually intrigued me. Tess is a strong, intelligent and fascinating young adult woman that is a great role model for young and old readers alike. I also enjoyed the subtle historical lesson! Great read!

Very good story line, nice interaction between history and fiction, I enjoyed the book even though it was geared toward young adults...a most fascinating adventure, good ending, leaving enough for readers to want more.