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What's in store for The Masquerade Crew in 2012?

Before I delve into our plans for the upcoming months and year in general, I would like to take a look back at 2011. This blog started near the end of August of this year and didn't really gain speed until we ran a series of Harry Potter themed posts during October. Bec ran a giveaway on our sister Tumblr blog during our Harry Potter-thon. Around that same time we started doing reviews for authors we met on Twitter. The first one was Orpheus by Dan DeWitt . ( @Dan_DeWitt ) Since then we have posted 15 other requested reviews for a total of 16 requested reviews in 2011. Most of these are either self-published or went through small Indie publishing companies. That's where we want to focus for 2012. More on that later.

"No animals were injured in the writing of this book." #BookReview

Next Time We Steal The Carillon by Louie Flann Book Synopsis Our student detectives have been tasked with the job of finding the stolen school antique. Signs point to witches or some magic people. Then, some other signs point to collectors, and yet other signs point to thieves. Too many signs! You'll be pleased to know that in the end, they sort all the signs out. Yes, there is a little innocent flirtation going on, and yes, there are some college hijinx going on, and yes, there is some serious detecting going on. These are kids you'd be proud to have as your sons or daughters or mothers or fathers or pastors. Please note : No animals were injured in the writing of this book.

Book Review: Hoot Hoot by Stephen Dickmann

Book Synopsis Upon returning from his dream vacation, Ray Harrison is a changed and refreshed man. Little does he know that his world has turned dark and deadly. His life takes an unforeseen turn. When bizarre and tragic events began to unfold, he must ask himself if these are all of coincidence, or do they have a deeper, more sinister connection. As you follow Ray through this suspenseful novel of mystique, you will find that he is in fact in a race against time for the lives of his loved ones, and perhaps his very own. With the messenger of death one step ahead of him, Ray must struggle to find a way to stop the chaos. Hoot Hoot takes you on a dark and deadly journey through the life of one man, and his family. It is a must read for any suspense/mystery lover. This novel is based upon true events.

"The Story in the Stars is a page turner." #BookReview

The Story in the Stars by Yvonne Anderson Book Synopsis Though heirs to an ancient, cosmic feud, he must save her life—and she must save his soul. Ancient Gannah was well on the way to taking over the whole galaxy, until the people of Karkar engineered a virus that stopped them in their tracks. Now, eight centuries later, the plague has struck again. When the League of Planets receives the distress signal, Karkar-born doctor Pik is ordered to find a cure, despite his hatred of the whole Gannahan race. By the time he arrives on Gannah, it’s almost too late; Dassa is the only survivor. And she has a mission of her own. Dassa and Pik survive a pirate attack, unsafe starcraft, food poisoning, vicious beasts, and a plane crash. But the hardest part is enduring one another’s company. The Creator who wrote the story of redemption in the stars has commanded her to share it with her reluctant savior. That’s not all He expects of her, but the rest is unthinkable.

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According to, we've had an average of 9 new followers per day since we launched some months back. At that rate, we would come close to hitting 1,000 by the end of the year, missing it by only a few. (Based upon my calculation this morning. Of course, I am taking care of two kids under 3 as well, so I could be off some.) Help us push to 1,000 followers and beyond. Follow us if ... If you like books. If you like book reviews. If you are a writer. If you would like us to review your book. If we have reviewed your book. If you would like to write a book. If you are in the process of writing a book. If there is a reason I have not listed. And while you're at it, follow us on Facebook as well.

Short Story Review: Saint Nick and the Fir Tree by Nancy Adams

Story Synopsis It's the day after Christmas and Saint Nick's on vacation. His first stop: the little town of Greenwood, where he meets a most unusual Tree. Nick and the Tree go out on the town, but a freak snowstorm brings their festivities to an unexpected conclusion.

"I'll have to reread this book a few more times to absorb all of the good information." #Kindle #BookReview

Character Development From The Inside Out by Scott Morgan Genre: Non-Fiction Book Synopsis No matter what genre you write, your readers all want the same thing – they want to be part of the show. Here’s the secret: If you want to engage readers, you need great characters, and writing great characters starts with writing great people. Character Development from the Inside Out tells you how to do just that!

5-Star Review: "If you find yourself scared while reading, don’t say I didn’t warn you."

The Punished by Peter Meredith Genre: Horror Book Synopsis 12-year-old Curt Regis lives the carefree life of a beggar and a thief. Homeless since the age of six, he uses his guile and street smarts, as well as a glib, smooth lying tongue to reign as king of the street rats. So when he is caught breaking into a school and is sent back into foster care for the ninth time, he is quite confident that not only will it be a short stay, he will also be gone again in a day or two with a new set of clothes on his back and his bag filled with silverware, jewelry and maybe if he is really lucky, a Play station to pawn. He is a veritable modern day Artful Dodger, with his breezy, devil-may-care attitude. However, his luck has run out. This time he is sent to what many in the foster-care system consider the perfect home. It is a home from which no one has ever runaway. A beautiful home where not a word of complaint is ever heard, where in fact, very few words are ever spoken and where

"It has the polish that you would find in a professionally published book." #Kindle #BookReview

A Soul to Steal by Rob Blackwell Genre: Mystery Book Synopsis You Are What You Fear. Something is stalking the citizens of Loudoun County, Va. Is it the return of the notorious serial killer known as Lord Halloween? Or is it something worse—a figure that can cloak itself as your worst nightmare? Kate and Quinn, two community journalists, rush to uncover the truth before a promised bloodbath on Halloween night. The debut novel from award-winning journalist Rob Blackwell, A Soul to Steal balances suspense, romance, action and the paranormal, building to a gripping and unforgettable conclusion. For readers who enjoy Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer and Jim Butcher, A Soul to Steal is the perfect autumn (or winter) novel.

"If you’re looking for something light and fun with a little bit of mystery." #Kindle #BookReview

Mind Over Matter by S.J. Clarke Genre: Paranormal Romance Book Synopsis For three years Rebecca McKenney grieved the loss of her daughter. Now, a vision showing Sabrina three years older, suggests her baby is still alive, and the FBI agent who gave up the search is the only one who can help find her. Rebecca once witnessed a psychic connection between Agent Cooper and her daughter. She only hopes their fragile bond remains – and that the coward has the decency to pursue it. Special Agent Dan Cooper, haunted by a tragic mistake made early in the investigation, agrees to help Rebecca to ease his conscience, if nothing else. Together they fight inner demons, all too real bad guys, and an attraction neither wants to admit to. Each step closer to finding her daughter unearths wide-spread deception and an evil so vile it threatens to break Rebecca's spirit. The thought of having her daughter back in her arms is all that keeps her going. Until she learns the horrifying truth