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Z is for @ZoeSaadia, #author of The Young Jaguar #bookreview #atozchallenge

The Young JaguarPre-Aztec Series, Book 1
Written by Zoe Saadia

Genre: Historical

Z is for Zombified by @LyraMcken #atozchallenge


Filled with lessons, adventure, anything but boring. #bookreview

Myth Weaver
Written by David J. Normoyle

Although the story premise had promise, ... #bookreview

Wide AwakeAcademy of the Fallen Series
Written by Daniele Lanzarotta

A gentle mixture of reality and fantasy: Michaela's Gift by @grammy2kiera #bookreview

Michaela's Gift
Written by Cordelia Dinsmore

Are you looking for an ebook cover designer?

If you're looking for an inexpensive ebook cover designer, I recommend Niina from For The Love Of Reading Cover Design. She's done one of the covers for our upcoming time travel anthology series. We'll reveal that cover when the publishing date is a little closer, but first, let's get to know Niina a little bit.

Wasting time is her talent. MEET Jenny AKA @jenny_buijs, Our New Crew Member


Tell everyone a little bit about yourself.Hi! I’m a 22 year old bookworm from the Netherlands. Currently I’m studying English in Tarrytown, New York. I’ve been here since September and I’m kind of home sick. Thank god I’m going back home in June. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy New York very much. I love walking around in Manhattan and hanging out in Central Park, but I really miss everyone back home. Never thought I would miss my little old town while I’m here. 
In the Netherlands, I live in a small town called Volendam. Before coming here I studied Tourism. I realized too late that what my real passion is; reading and writing. After my study, I worked in a bookstore for two years.
Who are some of your favorite authors? Books?My absolute favorite author is Richelle Mead. I adore her Vampire Academy and Georgina Kincaid series. I’m also a big fan of J.R. Ward. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is probably the most awesome series I’ve ever read. Another author I love is Susan Elizabeth Phil…

Where We Left Off by @JAlexBlane #atozchallenge #excerpt


V is for Vitka, William Vitka aka @vitka, #author of Infected #atozchallenge

by William Vitka

Utopian Estates: A Next You Universe Novel by @AngusHDay #scifi #atozchallenge #excerpt

Utopian EstatesA Next You Universe Novel
by Angus H. Day

R is for Rebirth by @amethysteyes01 #atozchallenge


Q is for the Queen of Sci-fi, Sara King, recom'd by @LaylaMoonCO #atozchallenge #writer

Q is for the Queen of Sci-Fi
Sara King

For the People in a novel by @Michael_M_Lane, recom'd by @laneclaudia #atozchallenge

P is for the People
in a Post-Apocalyptic novel by Michael Lane

P is for Piper LeVine: A Gypsy's Truth by @eris_kelli #atozchallenge #paranormal


O is for O'Sullivan aka @pattiosullivan, recom'd by @GS_Johnston #atozchallenge #writer

O is for O'Sullivan
Patricia O'Sullivan

O is for Once Upon a Castle by @AlanSBlood #atozchallenge #historical


N is for New Eyes aka @lrlee, recom'd by @MarianAllen #atozchallenge

N is for New Eyes
Leslie R. Lee

N is for Nothing, as in how much you'll pay for this book by @marieharbon #atozchallenge

Seven Point Eight The Second Chronicle
by Marie Harbon

Free on Amazon April 16th and 17th

M is for Morgan Nyberg aka @MorganNyberg #atozchallenge #writer

M is for Morgan Nyberg

M is for Marie Landry aka @SweetMarie83, recom'd by @Katallina #atozchallenge #writer

M is for Marie Landry

A Very Unique #AtoZChallenge Blog from @ClarissaDraper

I went on a search to find some interesting writing blogs participating in the A to Z Challenge, but I found something even better: one particular blog I'd like to feature. The concept is so original that I dare not look further because I know I wouldn't find anything else this unique if I looked for an hour.

L is for Litterbug by @Lee_AnnVinson #atozchallenge #children #series

LitterbugQueen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom
by Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson

L is for Lisa Gordon aka @lisalazuli, recom'd by @PHunterLandes #atozchallenge #writer

L is for Lisa Gordon

Are you an ebook cover artist or Photoshop junkie?

Are you a cover artist, a Photoshop junkie, a photographer, or something along these lines? If so, you are in the right spot. We are making progress on our time travel anthology series, and it's time to build our contact list some more—this time with potential ebook cover creators.

The first anthology has a cover artist at the moment, and depending on what he comes up with, we'll definitely use him again. But he only has time to work on the weekend, so progress could be slow with multiple covers soon to be needed.

K is for Killer. The Tourist Killer by @FCEtier #thriller #atozchallenge


J is for John aka @john_mulhall, recom'd by @LindaDL #atozchallenge #writer

J is for John Mulhall

What kind of Indie writer are you? #atozchallenge

J is for Jack of all trades
There are three versions of the famous phrase.

I is for iFeel by @MarissaCarmel #atozchallenge #paranormal

iFeelThe Vis Vires Trilogy
by Marissa Carmel

G is for GMTA Publishing - 6 book #giveaway #atozchallenge

I know this post is a day late because technically G day was yesterday for the A to Z challenge, but we've had to deal with sickness in our family. So, I wasn't able to get an extra post out yesterday. Oh well. I didn't want to miss it all together, though.
G is for
GMTA Publishing

H is for Hunters. Pendant: an Undead Hunters novel by @Quiet_Noise #atozchallenge

PendantThe Undead Hunters
Book One
by Stephen C. Ormsby

H is for #Humor, aka @Jeni_Decker, recom'd by @suesan0814 #atozchallenge

H is for Humor Jeni Decker

G is for The Godling Chronicles by @GodlingChron #bestselling #epic #fantasy #atozchallenge


G is for @GS_Johnston, recommended by @pattiosullivan #atozchallenge

G is for G.S. Johnston

Oracle of Delphi Series Tour Sign-Ups

Wanna be a part of the Oracle of Delphi Tour (July 15 to August 12)? Fill out the form below. Lots of ways to participate and YES, you can participate on more than one day!

Showcase Sunday #12: A Turnkey or Not?

Buffer Showcase Sunday a fun weekly meme hosted by Vicky over @Books, Biscuits and Tea. It's a great way of showing off what we've bought, borrowed and received this week.

Some great posts I found for the #atozchallenge

The A to Z Challenge is a great time to find new blogs and great content in general. Everyone who participates is in high gear, often sharing more in a month than they do in several months normally. Have you found any good posts?

5 star #fantasy review: Earth Angel by @RuthEParlour

Earth Angel
Written by Ruth Ellen Parlour

Genre: Fantasy

F is for Fast! @SJATurney recom'd by @pruebatten #atozchallenge

F is for Fast!
SJA Turney

F is for Fireflies by @PSBartlett #atozchallenge #paranormal

by P.S. Bartlett

E is for Epic Writer @jjosephwright, recom'd by @KrystleDesigns #atozchallenge

E is for Epic Writer
J. Joseph Wright

E is for Emma by @amethysteyes01 #atozchallenge #romance #scifi

Emmato Begin Again
by Debbie Brown

D is for Darlene Jones aka @darlenejones47, recom'd by @anneli33 #atozchallenge

D is for Darlene Jones

D is for Dogs Forever by @dawncolclasure #poetry #atozchallenge

Dogs Forever
by Dawn Colclasure
(and her daughter Jennifer Wilson)

C is for Cover Wars. Everyone praise @dbookwhore for such a great idea.

This is a "meme" started by Book Whore. Cover Wars takes two covers and puts them against each other.

C is for Connie J Jasperson, aka @cjjasp, recom'd by @mrszoomby #atozchallenge

C is for Connie J Jasperson

C is for Campaign of the Gods by @Mike_Evers #atozchallenge #fantasy


B is for Batten, @pruebatten, recom'd by @GS_Johnston #atozchallenge

B is for Batten, Prue Batten

B is for Bardo by @ChrisMcKennaCMK - Fun, fast and humorous. #atozchallenge

by Chris McKenna

A is for Anneli Purchase aka @anneli33, recom'd by @darlenejones47 #atozchallenge

A is for Anneli Purchase

A is for All. Losing It All by @marshacornelius #excerpt #atozchallenge

One week onlyApril 1 – April 7Losing It AllOnly 99¢ on Amazon
by Marsha Cornelius