Q is for the Queen of Sci-fi, Sara King, recom'd by @LaylaMoonCO #atozchallenge #writer

Q is for the

Queen of Sci-Fi

Sara King

Recommended by Layla Moon

Why did you recommend this author?

Sara King is one of the best epic, sci-fi authors I have ever read. She's an Indie author who lives in the Alaskan wilds. Her stories are character-driven and rich in detail and backstory.

Outer Bounds: Fortune's Rising

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Why do you recommend this book?

OUTER BOUNDS: FORTUNE’S RISING is a gripping tale that spans the range of human character. From a sociopathic seven-year-old to a reluctant rebel heroine, this book is an epic adventure you don't want to miss! The plot is complex and there are several subplots intricately woven into the storytelling.


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