E is for Epic Writer @jjosephwright, recom'd by @KrystleDesigns #atozchallenge

E is for

Epic Writer

J. Joseph Wright

Recommended by Krystle Wright

Why did you recommend this author?

I recommend J. Joseph Wright because his ideas are not just original they're fascinating, his writing is not just impressive it's spine-tingling, his characters are not just brought alive or dynamic they're compellingly powerful. J. Joseph Wright makes me say "I don't really care about Stephenie Meyer, I want to know what's next for J. Joseph Wright."

Tribe of the Teddy Bear

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Why do you recommend this book?

I recommend Tribe of the Teddy Bear because I've fallen in love with a story that I can only compare to classics like 'Where the Wild Things Are', 'Harry Potter', 'ET' and 'Avatar'.

Instead of a young boy who sails into an island inhabited by malicious beasts, Tribes Jack James discovers a Teddy Bear, in the supermarket where his mother works, is not what he appears to be. However, this is only where it begins. Those classic moments that everyone including me remember while reading Harry Potter, for the first time, and while seeing ET & Avatar I'm reminded of while experiencing this wonderful read known as Tribe of the Teddy Bear.


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