B is for Bardo by @ChrisMcKennaCMK - Fun, fast and humorous. #atozchallenge


by Chris McKenna

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Nikki finds herself in a world between realms, the Bardo, and time is running out. Soon her essence will be scattered forever. Can she pull herself together?

Bardo, based loosely on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, follows Nikki, a young schoolgirl who has an.... unfortunate accident and finds herself trapped in the Bardo. It won’t be long before she'll be scattered across the realms. With only a dog to guide her, can she re-unite herself in time to escape?

Fun, fast and humorous, Bardo asks questions about some deep issues, including who we really are, the nature of life and death and why schools insist on students wearing school uniforms when there are much more fashionable options available.

Praise for Bardo

This book is based loosely on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and every reader will get something from it, no matter what their age. The younger readers will enjoy the adventure whilst the older reader will see things on a different level (whilst also enjoying the adventure). Although not a unique concept, this book is a great read. Well written, the storyline flows nicely and the characters develop significantly as the book continues and will keep you intrigued.

Bardo is an imaginative, quick read aimed towards teens and fans of YA novels. I found the author's writing style accessible and vivid, and quickly lost myself in his world.

Appropriate for tweens on up through adulthood, this is not just for kids and McKenna has a nice touch with his messages without having to get heavy handed. A fun read that nonetheless sticks with you and brightens your day long after finishing.

I found reviewing this to be harder than actually reading it, because there are so many parts of it that I want to share and discuss but then it wouldn't be a review it would be a summary. This book deserves so much more than a summary. I thoroughly enjoyed that while it is a work of fiction, it made me think about my own life.

Author Bio

Chris McKenna was born in Scotland in 1983. After graduating from university he worked as programmer in Scotland and then Austria, before giving up his day job to explore the Far East. Presently Chris is working as an English language teacher in Asia and has lived and worked in many countries including: China, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. We would tell you where he lives now, but by the time we do he'll probably be living somewhere else.

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