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Inside A Tornado

I peered out the window and saw debris flying through the air. I knew that I didn’t have a moment to spare. Then I heard the sound of a freight train, along with powerful winds and heavy rain. In just a few seconds the tornado was here. I held on tight, but I was no match for something so severe. The next thing I knew I was hit in the head. It knocked me unconscious, and I thought I was dead. It sucked me up into the sky. I suffered a terrible beating while in the eye. Then the tornado threw me on the ground, it was a miracle that I was found. Cut up, bruised and dripping in blood, they finally discovered me covered in mud. My face was swollen beyond recognition, so they rushed me to the nearest physician. Dazed and confused, my clothes ripped to a shred. I didn’t know what was ahead. Moments later, I noticed my house wasn’t there. Just a pile of debris and a feeling of despair. A victim of Mother Nature and its fury. I could barely see because my eyes were so blurry. Later, I was tol