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I really need your help.

I'm at a loss. I'm not sure what to do.

As is apparent from browsing this site for just a few seconds, I haven't done anything with it since October. The Masquerade Crew hasn't been completely silent. I've been promoting books (and the occasional other link) on Twitter.

I've been busy working at my convenience store job, and we are homeschooling our kids this year. There hasn't been a lot of time to work on the website. That hasn't necessarily changed, but every once in a while I get the urge to try again.

One thing I know for sure is that I don't want this site to be about book ads. And it was turning into that, so when personal things started getting in the way, I took a step back to refocus.

I turned off all tweets that pointed to this site. I focused on Amazon tweets. And these tweets run as intended. I could get authors to sign up for the tweet service if and when I get this site going again. Might even make a few dollars along the way (w…

The revolutionary theological theory of Pandeism. #anthology

Cover links to Amazon.comThe revolutionary theological theory of Pandeism, critically examined by authors of a wide variety of philosophical and faith traditions.

Pandeism: An Anthology

Edited by Knujon Mapson

Genre/Keyword(s): Non-Fiction, Anthology, Contemporary, Philosophy

I'll tweet about your book for #free


One line dialogue prompts #writingprompts

Need an idea to start a scene of dialogue?

Try one of these.

🙄 Dialogue prompt #1 (Tell us on Facebook) #writingprompt


Total Freedom by @ReadMyBooks1 #romance

This post features the following book...

Debbie King. At 14 years old she was like other so many other 14 year olds - lacking confidence and maintaining belief that she was a nobody who would never know any happiness in her life. But after she meets someone so much like her, together they discover inner strengths in themselves, and a deep friendship that would be tested over and over again by events and other people coming into their lives, along with an ongoing uncertainty over what their relationship should really be like.

So many things they share, the greatest of all being their love of their enthusiasm and career as musicians, and yet still the ongoing question hovers over them - should they be together … as a couple?

Embark on a journey from the intense emotions of teenage years, and on through adult life eventualities such as marriage, parenting, post natal depression, and a never ending uncertainty about a life choice that eventually contributes to infidelity.

If you wo…

2 steps to get a free book ad.

Two easy steps to get featured in a post.

Step One

Retweet this!

Step Two

Mention a link of your book on Twitter.

Tweet: @MasqCrew I retweeted. Here's my book: [INSERT URL HERE]

(Make sure the URL link goes directly to your book on

After you do that, I'll do a quick post encouraging other authors to join in, mentioning your book.

For each author who participates, there will be a post with an ad like the following.

If enough authors participate, I'll do a group post at the end.

Help spread the word about The Masquerade Crew.

Thank you in advance.

Time travel anthologies on Amazon #timetravel #anthology

How to use an apostrophe #infographic (Tell us on Facebook)


Life is like a book... (Tell us on Facebook)


Which potion would you take? (Tell us on Facebook)


Reflections on the Vampire by @mayatylerauthor #guestpost

Maya Tyler
Author of A Vampire's Tale

My Vampire World by @mayatylerauthor #guestpost

Maya Tyler
Author of A Vampire's Tale

The first day of school, a love note, and a recipe with a significant mistake. #interview

Maya Tyler
Author of A Vampire's Tale

I discovered the series on Netflix last spring... #interview w/ @mayatylerauthor

Maya Tyler
Author of A Vampire's Tale

10 Things That Make Me Happy by @mayatylerauthor #topten

byMaya Tyler
Author of A Vampire's Tale

A vampire has been influencing her life path. #paranormal #romance via @mayatylerauthor

Cover links to Amazon.comMarisa writes fictional novels about vampires, but vampires aren’t real, are they? She doesn't think so... until she meets Corgan Halton.

A Vampire's Tale

Author: Maya Tyler

Genre/Keyword(s): Romance, Paranormal, Vampire,

This city will be your tomb. #horror via @lincolnjcole

Cover links to Amazon.comThis city will be your tomb

The Everett Exorcim

World of Shadows

Author: Lincoln Cole

Genre/Keyword(s): Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Urban,

If you thought being scared to death was a myth, think again. #horror

Cover links to Amazon.comIf you thought being scared to death was a myth, think again. Doctor Felix Bloom will prove you wrong.

Fear Inducer

Author: Ellie Douglas

Genre/Keyword(s): General Fiction, Horror, Thriller/Suspense,

Rhianwyn may now be the only hope for her people. #fantasy

Cover links to Amazon.comThe Tribes of the West are all but conquered, and though she has traded her sword for a family home, Rhianwyn may now be the only hope for her people.


The Caledon Saga

Author: J.P. Harker

Genre/Keyword(s): Fantasy, Coming of Age, Strong Female Character, Sword & Sorcery, Iron Age Fantasy

Basic & Deluxe Promos

This post is out of date.

Questions for the two deluxe interviews

Interview #1
Tell us about your family.Tell us about your hometown.Tell us about your high school experience.Tell us about your childhood.Tell us about your kids.Tell us about yourself.

Almost as bad as a #writing addiction. (Tell us on Facebook)


Live action fairytale or fairytale musical? (Tell us on Facebook)


Three advertising options: Amazon Tweets and Hire me by the hour!

This post is out of date.

Promo Posts are Back!


How to Tackle Your To-Do List (Tell us on Facebook)


Q&A: How can I get someone to do a book review for my book?


How to get a #free Amazon book tweet (Tell us on Facebook)


Would you rather...? (Tell us on Facebook)


The comma blues (Tell us on Facebook)


Ordinary people don't... (Tell us on Facebook)


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Loses his heart to the reckless beauty. #thriller #romance

Cover links to Amazon.comSearching for a madman bent on revenge, Nick Coalson saves P. I. Rebecca Morgan, but loses his heart to the reckless beauty.

Cold as Ice

A Tempered Steel Novel

Author: Maggie Adams

Genre/Keyword(s): Romance, Thriller/Suspense, RomCon, New release,

Is killing a vampire murder? (Tell us on Facebook)


Writers, are you old school? (Tell us on Facebook) #writer


10 Most Common WordPress Errors And How To Fix Them #infographic #repost

Obviously, I don't have a Wordpress blog, but I stumbled across this infographic the other day. Thought it might be helpful to some. Enjoy. Don't ask me to help you fix your site, though. I probably won't know how.

The following is an infographic originally posted here.

#repost — Writing a novel – To Outline or Not to Outline

The following is a repost from here.

This post is the eighth in a series about writing a novel. You can check out the list of past topics at the end of this post. (the original post)

You have developed believable, complex characters. You have selected your setting or built your world. And you have a plot idea riddled with conflict. Now it is time to write or is it? Nope. There is potentially more planning to do.

Read the rest of the post here.

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15 ways to write faster. #infographic #repost


Is your book #free? Tell us about it on Facebook.


#repost: Refocusing Your Website

The following is reposted from here.

Do you have an old website you want to revive? Or are you ready to update your website but you aren’t sure how to do it? How do you start refocusing your website?

Refocusing your website can fall into several areas. First you need to make sure your website is showing your readers what it is about. If the title, the tagline, and the main categories or links on the home page aren’t what your website is about, then your readers aren’t sure they want to click on something.

You need to review the title of your website and how it relates to your subject matter as well as your domain name. Are you telling your reader what they can find here on the pages?

Read the rest of the article here.

What does $5 get you? #marketing

It's time for a case study.

I'll tweet about your book on Amazon. #kindle


So many ideas... (Tell us on Facebook)


#Authors, do you ever feel this way? (Tell us on Facebook)


Trollish 1 star review. (Tell us on Facebook)


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Can she satisfy the fearsome beast within him before he loses control completely? #romance

Cover links to Amazon.comCan she satisfy the fearsome beast within him before he loses control completely?

Mated to the Beast

Written by Grace Goodwin

Genre/Keyword(s): Romance, Erotic, Sci Fi, Fantasty

A cool wave audio visualizer.

Connect dots - one line challenge!

Young Adult, Urban Fantasy. Travel the world with the Children of Fire. #ya #fantasy

Cover links to Amazon.comTravel the world with the Children of Fire.

Phoenix Child

Children of Fire

Author: Alica McKenna-Johnson

Genre/Keyword(s): Young Adult, Urban Fantasy

Play Connect Four

Amazon tweets start at just $2. #ordertoday

This post is out of date.

1st grade sight words and other vocabulary #audio #flashcards

My 6 year old daughter is using the following buttons to study her vocabulary words from this week. We read a book together a few days ago (it's the one to the right), and these were the words I picked out for her to learn.

Click on a button to hear the word. Gracie is using it like auditory flashcards. The audio is from




















A Guide To Writing a Book!

Sight word matching game I created for my 1st grader.

After reading one of our library books, I created the following puzzle game with You also have the option of using pictures or audio. I threw it together quickly, so I didn't worry about that.

(Sorry about the ad, if you get one. The site is free to use with ads or I could pay to take the ads off. Just trying it out for now. It's $5 a month to take ads off.)

Play Bloons TD 5 #towerdefense

What to do when you are bored...

Scotty Reads Flip Flop, a step one easy reader. #video

Scotty reads Flip Flop, a step one easy reader. It was fairly easy to do, so I see us doing lots more of these. Great way for him to practice his reading and perhaps build a following on YouTube. He's always wanted to be a YouTuber.

Perhaps it will be a great homeschool resource for some families. That would be awesome.

Check it out!

Animal Flashcards (A children's alphabet book) on #kindle

I created a picture book for my daughters to use to learn and practice their alphabet.

Are you a parent with small children?

Do you know any parents with young children?

Perhaps you or someone you know will find this book useful.

And it's part of Kindle Unlimited, so it could be FREE for you.

Why Reading Makes You a Better Person #repost


28 Boring Words, What to Use Instead by @Jack__Milgram #infographic

Found this synonym infographic. It's good awesome. Check it out. Originally posted here.

Fun Typing Program (#scratch from MIT)

Look at this cool little program I just found on Scratch, an MIT project that uses a visual model to code a computer program. This is definitely getting used in our homeschool curriculum. Scotty knows how to type ... somewhat ... but this should get him the rest of the way there.

Scotty Scratch Project — Learn Coding Concepts without Coding


#Authors, how about a no-money transaction? Here's how.


Flexibility and adaptability—that's the key. #homeschool


2 good reasons to use our Tweet Service #lookatthat


A new way to submit tweets for retweeting


We have a plan for #homeschooling, right?

So ... yeah, we're homeschooling this year.