#Authors, how about a no-money transaction? Here's how. pic.twitter.com/irU1MO0DR1

There's a way for authors to pay me without actually paying me anything.

Disclaimer: it still involves money.

But the money doesn't go to me ... directly.

Simply visit me before buying something on Amazon.

I'll get paid some commission from the link you click...

Whether you buy that item or not.

So if you click on a book on this site, and then...

You buy a kitchen appliance on Amazon,

I'll get paid commission for the kitchen appliance.

That way you can try out my service

Without having to pay me directly

Which would cost more

Since you aren't getting something mailed to you from Amazon.

If you want to try this out, simply CLICK HERE.

That link will take you to Amazon's homepage.

From there, buy whatever it is you wanted to buy.

Then, send me an email, telling me what you bought.

(Also include a link to your book on Amazon.)

I'll check my earnings report from Amazon to make sure.

It takes a day for the report to update.

Then I'll put some tweets out for you.

Since this is a new service, I don't know how much I'll do.

The bigger the commission, the more I'll give you.

In other words, buy something big from Amazon to get more out of me.

Either way, I will make it worth your while.

Here's my email address: msl_007@live.com

Who wants to give it a try?