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Fragile Dolls

Four dolls were made All beautiful and painted Sisters of porcelain The first doll was bought Put on a shelf and adored Never knew a crack to her exterior Three dolls remained All different but fragile And fragile dolls crack The second doll would crack badly She'd show off her cracks and scream Then they would disappear as though they never exist Three dolls remained All dealing with fragility Two frightened and bothered by the second The third would get cracked She'd show off her cracks and cry Then denied she ever did worse Three dolls remained All faced with a fragile frame Two in a world of their cracks The fourth doll would crack but would cover their cracks with makeup So no one knew they were in need of care And thus they became invisible Three dolls remained All plagued to be fragile Two warped with attention One hating to be like them but wishing they could

Sweep Me Away

Sweep Me Away I want to kiss away your pain Make your troubles wane Let your tears fall onto my shoulders Hand in hand, up our hills, we’ll push our boulders My thumbs are ready to wipe away your tears Lose yourself into my eyes and erase your fears The smoldering feelings are set ablaze My mind is in a craze You’ve thrummed my heart strings Euphoria is flying because of your wings The strength to keep away is razor thin I can’t wait to feel your breath onto my skin When your beating heart is close My love is ready to compose My soul is laid bare I’m ready for my greatest dare Let your worries fade away Live in the moment; for this day Just close your eyes And inch closer to your prize My lips no longer weep For my heart, you did sweep

Waking Dream

I jolt awake Trying to scream, But no sound escapes my mouth. I'm soaked from head to toe, My heart is pounding, So is my head. Fear courses through my veins. I go to kick the covers off, But my limbs do not move. Some force holds me fast to the bed. I look round, but find nothing, No one is here. I struggle, my fear increasing. Suddenly the force is gone. My limbs jerk free and the covers go flying. My breath come in pants, My ears are ringing, But I know the moment has passed. There will be another time, I'm no stranger to him, One day I won't break from his grip. Fear will win and Death shall come. His servants do not quit. They simply give reprieves. Light and darkness blur, The lines between waking and dreams, Are no longer clear. How do you act when it's your turn? Do you fight or give in? I choose to fight.

Future Memory

To lay my head upon your shoulder And lose myself in the safety of your arms To slowly melt into your body Surrendering to your charms To recall the future clearly now Despite the heat of life's summery haze And the healing of those old wounds left weeping somehow From our early lacerating spring days To feel our spirits fully awaken In a world where dreams come true And quench the yearning of all the life times it's taken For the reward of autumn and winter with you To be wrapped in the Loop of Infinity Fire and Ice finally feeling whole To be kissed by the Flames of Divinity Celebrating the Second Coming of our Soul