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(First Draft) Advertise with The Masquerade Crew

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Our services are ad hoc.

For additional info, please check out our FAQ section.
Amazon Tweets—$5.00
$5.00 I will compose a number of tweets to advertise your book on Amazon. My tweets direct attention to the synopsis mostly, but I will also pull from reviews and even lines from the novel itself, time permitting.

There is no minimum number of tweets that will go out. I will continue tweeting for the foreseeable future. Tweets that are going out right now, in fact, include book promos that were paid for more than a year ago.

Here's an example of a book ad, though tweets in the future will probably include more hashtags.

For the time being, he’s content with letting Laura run about as she wills, but he promises to come collect her shortly. — Mark Lee (@MasqCrew) June 21, 2019
Video Ad—$25
$25.00 I will create a video ad for you and tweet it out occasionally. I'll send you a copy of the vi…