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Animal Flashcards (A children's alphabet book) on #kindle

I created a picture book for my daughters to use to learn and practice their alphabet.

Are you a parent with small children?

Do you know any parents with young children?

Perhaps you or someone you know will find this book useful.

And it's part of Kindle Unlimited, so it could be FREE for you.

Why Reading Makes You a Better Person #repost


28 Boring Words, What to Use Instead by @Jack__Milgram #infographic

Found this synonym infographic. It's good awesome. Check it out. Originally posted here.

Fun Typing Program (#scratch from MIT)

Look at this cool little program I just found on Scratch, an MIT project that uses a visual model to code a computer program. This is definitely getting used in our homeschool curriculum. Scotty knows how to type ... somewhat ... but this should get him the rest of the way there.

Scotty Scratch Project — Learn Coding Concepts without Coding


#Authors, how about a no-money transaction? Here's how.


Flexibility and adaptability—that's the key. #homeschool


2 good reasons to use our Tweet Service #lookatthat


A new way to submit tweets for retweeting


We have a plan for #homeschooling, right?

So ... yeah, we're homeschooling this year.

If you would like me to tweet about your book...

My book tweeting service is now back open.

A mini book I created for my daughter #audiobook #ebook

OK, so here's my first homeschool share. I'll go into more detail later about how we homeschool, but for now I just wanted to share something with you.

The following is a mini audio picture book I created for my daughter who is just learning to read. (Click on the page numbers)

I simply have the html file on my computer for her to use, so the formatting below isn't exactly what she sees. Guess I'll have to tweak the online version some more.

What do you think?

The crew is back. But stay tuned for more details.