Are you looking for an ebook cover designer?

If you're looking for an inexpensive ebook cover designer, I recommend Niina from For The Love Of Reading Cover Design. She's done one of the covers for our upcoming time travel anthology series. We'll reveal that cover when the publishing date is a little closer, but first, let's get to know Niina a little bit.

Can you tell us 6 fun, unknown facts about you so we can break the ice?

Niina : Alrighty! I’ll try and make this interesting! *nervous smile*
#1 I started a book review blog 2 years ago, I only review romance there (oh, link, HERE)
#2 I’ve been making book covers and other graphics for authors for a year now, time flies!
#3 I’m dead scared of spiders, only small ones, not big ones (where is the logic in that!?)
#4 I live between a church and cemetery ;), but am not haunted.
#5 My day job is a kindergarten teacher, 7.5 hours a day – other hours are all mine, no kids, but I do have an American hubby that tagged along from one of my US trips and a black (now grey) puppy of 15-years. Love them both dearly.
#6 Love men in uniforms! I use to work close to a navy officer training station… yum. ;)

Professional questions first. Tell us little about your job, what do you do, and how did you get started?

Niina : Okay so how did I got started in this business? I mentioned I have a book blog, right? See I work with few PR companies that do Virtual Book Tours for indie authors – now I have took on few books without knowing their cover, that has turned out to be quite horrid. In one case I re-made the cover just to showcase how much a difference a good cover makes (mind you this was just for fun) and the author ended up asking can I make that cover for her, do I make covers to begin with? Now I could have said no I don’t make covers, it’s just something I do for kicks, but the truth is I had been wanting to make covers for a while now! So I said yes and started my little “For The Love of Reading COVER DESIGN” shop! (The post that started it all: HERE )

So what do I do? I make Custom Cover Designs in the prices of 25$, 45$, 55$ and 75$ depending how many images will be on the cover ( 1, 2, 3 and 5 ). I have had many compliments on the quality of my work ( which is always so great!), especially considering how fair my pricing is. I also do other Graphic Design projects such as Twitter Headers, Facebook Covers, Website Headers, Bookmarks, Business Cards and more. I love working with clients and making covers that has some of their vision and mood - and my eye for what looks good!

What do you most enjoy about creating covers? What do you enjoy the least?

Niina : Getting “The Details Form” back from clients, I’m like a kid in a candy store, my head gets filled with ideas and my fingers are itching to go hunt images and start mixing and matching! Of course the process of working images together that are in the beginning from two different worlds and me making them a compact unit, a cover is always exciting! :D

What do I least enjoy? I’ve had few (luckily very few) customers who were dead-set on deciding exactly what goes on the cover with no wiggle room, or no use of my talent. When this happens I simply stick it together in my best ability. I always try to communicate what would look great or how much broadening one’s horizon could help the cover, the sales, luckily I always get a little of my way , and I don’t think I’ve made a bad cover yet. ;)

Any big projects in 2013?

Niina : Well, I just started working with couple of e-publishers, “Steam eReads, AU” and “The Writer’s Coffee Shop” which is very exciting! My dream is to work for “Ellora’s Cave” and “Samhain”, so I’m working on that! I finished a series ahead of time, and I love those projects, I once did 12 cover in one go, one for each month of 2013. Oh and finally purchased Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6! Hallelujah!

What are you working on right now? Can you give us a sneak peak?

Niina : Sure, still protecting the anonymity, but here is a screencap!

Now to more personal questions. Look around. What three books are closest to you ... physically?

Niina : Eek! Okay. “Lord of the Rings”, “Sinuhe, The Egyptian” and “Satanic Verses”… all my romance books were in the other room! ;)

What is your signature dish?

Niina : I make really really good scrambled eggs with garlic, yum! But actual food… I make 5 star Stroganoff. ;)

What’s the number one thing you like to do when you are not making covers?

Niina : Reading romance… all… the…. time. :D If not that I go to movies, my sisters and I are obsessed with the big screen. Have you seen “Oz” yet!? I’m dying to go see it the visuals are Gorgeous!

Which Disney Prince would you pick if you had to choose?

Niina : Um, hard! No wait, Flynn Rider, he becomes a prince though, I love a lovable thief and a rogue with a great sense of humor and tall, dark and handsome looks! ;D

If I was a man for a day I would…

I would definitely get around, um, not like that! I would check out bars, men’s locker rooms, um, yes like that! ;) I’d do all the guy stuff and see how it feels, it would be interesting for sure! Oh and I would flirt with girls just to see what we look like when men flirt with us… does that make any sense?

Thanks for sharing. Any news you would like to share, or websites they can check out?

Niina : Sure! You can visit my Cover Design website HERE, I also have a Facebook Page HERE and Twitter HERE, let’s get connected! And hey if you like my covers hit me with an e-mail I do cover re-makes and brand spanking new covers all the time, and would love to work with you too!

elvenspirit AT