Filled with lessons, adventure, anything but boring. #bookreview

Myth Weaver

Written by David J. Normoyle

Genre: Mythology

Book Synopsis

Eighteen-year-old Jagger Burns lives so much in his head that his guardian wonders if she should commit him. In the real world, he's shy, he's an orphan and he's just failed his college exams. His imaginary world feels safer. When he enrolls in a mythology class, Greek and Norse myths fill Jagger's daydreams; they become so real that Zeus's thunderbolts leave phantom burns behind. These gods have ideas of their own; they're guiding Jagger back to reality.

Each myth he relives in his imaginary world teaches Jagger more about living in the real world. With Loki and Prometheus to help him, he begins to re-enter life and gets a job on the student newspaper. But when his reporting uncovers a dangerous crime ring, he'll need everything the gods can teach him to survive. Otherwise, he'll either dream away the rest of his life in an institution, or wind up dead.

Linda's Rating

Linda's Review

If you absolutely love mythology this is a good book for you. I do enjoy Greek mythology and could appreciate the way the main character "Jagger" assumed the role of the God/Hero in question to retell the tale. I am not as familiar with Norse mythology and did enjoy those, presented in the same fashion, very much. These stories are filled with lessons, adventure, a good amount of violence and are anything but boring. You may be disappointed, however, if you love a "Happy Ending" because as you'll discover they are few and far between.

On the downside, I had great difficulty bringing myself to feel anything for Jagger.He begins the story as a loner who refuses to engage in life. We are not sure if he is actually daydreaming all the time or interacting with the Greek and Norse legends. He is an orphan whose Aunt wants to commit him, frankly I think she may have had the right idea.He needed to be cultivated into someone we could relate to and that would have required more time on the page. I was hoping at some point he would assume his rightful place as lead character, but he remained insubstantial till the end as did his acquaintances.

Overall, the scenes of myth are well written, but the main plot and characters fall short.

Review Disclaimer: Book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.