Are you an ebook cover artist or Photoshop junkie?

Are you a cover artist, a Photoshop junkie, a photographer, or something along these lines? If so, you are in the right spot. We are making progress on our time travel anthology series, and it's time to build our contact list some more—this time with potential ebook cover creators.

The first anthology has a cover artist at the moment, and depending on what he comes up with, we'll definitely use him again. But he only has time to work on the weekend, so progress could be slow with multiple covers soon to be needed.

I might have a cover artist for the second anthology (which should be released near the same time as the first one if not before—the anthologies won't have numbers attached to them so we can release them in any order we see fit), but having a contact list will ensure I have others to fall back on should it be needed.

To Pay or Not to Pay?

As in the other aspects of this project, I would like to work with people who are willing to take the same risk that the writers are going to take—we are all working off of royalties or at least some other type of payment. If the only way you'll take an ebook cover job is prepayment in full, stop reading. That's not the type of person I'm looking for.

EDIT: Since I'm not seeing the kind of response I would like, I'm extending this contact list offer to any cover artist. It would still be helpful if you are willing to receive part of your payment via promotion on this blog, but even if you aren't, having you as a contact would still be helpful.

Rather, I'd like to support someone who is just beginning to build their portfolio or someone who would like to expand their client search. Many of the readers of this blog are authors—Indie and Self-Published—so showcasing ebook covers on this site has the potential of reaching clients you wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

A piece of the royalty pie will be available (not sure how much at the moment—might depend on the quality of the cover), but as long as you have enough work to show off, an advertising package on this site (multiple blog posts, tweets, a banner ad, etc ...) will make sure you aren't doing work for us completely free. The better the cover, the more I'll be willing to post for you on this site.