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by William Vitka

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The citizens of New York City are in for a surprise when a parasite turns humans into monstrosities that that exist only to feed on flesh and spread. Can a tabloid journalist and his friends save the city they love and prevent the parasite from consuming the world?

Praise for Infected

The cast of characters are a bit stereotypical, but by the end of the book you will have feelings for each one and they all serve a purpose. The plot mixes a traditional zombie tale with science fiction elements and both gel nicely creating an exciting experience.

Be warned, Vitka has a way with descriptions making some moments in the book vomit inducing. I read tons of horror and rarely do I get the urge to hurl while reading gory passages, but with 'Infected' I found myself pausing for minutes at a time to give myself time to digest what I had read; then I would reread the passage again to make sure I didn't over look any details.

Hands down Vitka's 'Infected' is my current pick for top zombie title of the year.

If you like twisted, dark stories about hard-drinking, f'ed-up anti-heroes, you're gonna love Infected. If you don't like stories like that, then go read the Bridges of Madison County or something and leave me the hell alone, you pansy.

This book has plenty of sick, gory violence and hair-raising action. Try to imagine a New York set a few decades in the future, without the hovercars or teleporters we all wish they'd create. Instead, you've got an overpopulated cesspool where digital sex is nothing new and only the most extreme sort of destruction or corruption makes the headlines in the daily paper. Now, throw in an unstoppable infection and the blood-thirsty humans that have been mutated by it and you're getting close to what you should expect.

I enjoyed every depraved moment I read this book and it's got a solid place on my digital shelf. If you're a horror junkie or just someone that really enjoys a well-written, action-packed story (with a little bit of heart), then do yourself a favor. Buy this book. You can thank me later.

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Author Bio

William Vitka is a journalist and author. He's written for CBSNews.com, Stuff Magazine, GameSpy, On Spec Magazine and The Red Penny Papers to name a few.

His debut novel, INFECTED, was published by Graveside Tales in late 2012. His anthology of short stories, The Space Whiskey Death Chronicles, was published at the crack of 2013 by Curiosity Quills.

He lives in New York City.