"The Story in the Stars is a page turner." #BookReview

The Story in the Stars
by Yvonne Anderson

Book Synopsis

Though heirs to an ancient, cosmic feud, he must save her life—and she must save his soul.

Ancient Gannah was well on the way to taking over the whole galaxy, until the people of Karkar engineered a virus that stopped them in their tracks. Now, eight centuries later, the plague has struck again. When the League of Planets receives the distress signal, Karkar-born doctor Pik is ordered to find a cure, despite his hatred of the whole Gannahan race. By the time he arrives on Gannah, it’s almost too late; Dassa is the only survivor. And she has a mission of her own.

Dassa and Pik survive a pirate attack, unsafe starcraft, food poisoning, vicious beasts, and a plane crash. But the hardest part is enduring one another’s company. The Creator who wrote the story of redemption in the stars has commanded her to share it with her reluctant savior. That’s not all He expects of her, but the rest is unthinkable.

Bec's Rating

Bec's Review

With warring planets and a Gannah that is the last of her race but promised the chance to rebuild, this is an interesting Science Fiction story. The title, The Story in the Stars refers to the belief that all the planets have the same story of the constellations, and that this story is the basis of religion. As a result there is a fair bit of religion in this story, a Christian religion where God doesn’t just create the people of Earth, but of the universe. In such a manner it could be controversial to some and while I enjoyed most of the story there were some of the religious bits, especially towards the end, that began to become a bit much for me to truly enjoy the story. I haven’t before read a science fiction book with such religious elements as normally the two topics don’t meld well. I suppose in this case they work together as well as could be, but being non religious myself I would have preferred a less religious story.

Despite this the Story in the Stars is a page turner. The science fiction elements are superb, and the races just different enough to provide conflicts and cultural differences. There is disease, there is alien animals, there’s space ships, and there’s hope that not all is lost. There is enough to keep anyone interested, should the religious elements not turn you off. I found myself hooked on every word, wanting to read more. I wanted to know how Dassa would get through her predicament and what would happen next. I found the characters to be well fleshed out and engaging, with many personality traits and differences to others that could be attributed not just to their races, but to individual differences.

Overall The Story in the Stars is a good read, should you be the type to not mind the religious elements. They are well done as far as religion in a story goes, and it was only towards the end that it began to seem like too much for me. But should you be the type to enjoy your science fiction with a touch of religion, or should you be curious to see how these two topics can be woven together in such a compelling read then I recommend you read this book.

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for children due to a mature theme.