Now's a great time to join the Masquerade Crew Book Club

If you like receiving emails about great books, or at least you like what we post here on The Masquerade Crew, you should join our book club. Membership is growing, so it is becoming an important part of the site.

The book club will now start supporting our monthly theme a little better. It's been mentioned in email correspondence before but just in passing to the entire club. Starting in September, members who have signed up for the genre of the month, our monthly theme, will receive a few more emails than the other members. Most of these emails will be in reference to Cover Wars and the Scavenger Hunt.

Don't worry.

There won't be a ton of new emails—just one or two more per week. And the title of the email will make it clear what it is about.

If you would like to receive emails from me under the following situations...

  • NEW—Monthly Theme Emails (Cover Wars, Scavenger Hunt, etc...)
    • Only for the genres you have signed up for.
  • When we are promoting a free book on Amazon
  • When we are promoting a (non-free) book in one of your favorite genres*
  • A weekly newsletter, highlighting what's going on with the crew
  • When we are accepting book review requests
    (An excellent feature for authors)
  • When we occasionally offer something exclusively to book club members, such as a chance at a gift card

...joining the book club would be a good idea for you.

*We promote a lot of books, but you will only receive an email from me when an author has bought one of the more expensive packages. Email marketing does not come with the cheaper packages.

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