Multiple POVs: Why I Love 'Em

This article originally appeared on and is posted here with permission.

I love books with multiple points of view. Really. Here's why:

1. DRAMA. I love it when authors show two sides of a growing conflict. Especially when both sides are blowing things way out of proportion or are making assumptions about the other person that are totally inaccurate. Ah, the DRAMA! It's three times as entertaining when romantic emotions are involved. Usually things get worse before they get better and I love that!

2. INSIGHT. When more than one character is telling the story, we get insight into emotions and frame of mind that we wouldn't have otherwise. That's always a bonus. Sometimes it can get a little tiring reading about one character's whiny thoughts all the time. It's refreshing to get a break from that and get to see how much whining a different character can do.

3. MOVEMENT. By this I mean that we can see things that are happening other places, possibly at other times. In fantasy books, I think this is very important, especially if the world is fictional. Movement helps complete the universe the author has created and gives us readers a more thrilling literary experience.

4. EQUAL FANGIRL/BOY OPPORTUNITIES. Ever had a character that you loved so much that you just couldn't get enough of them? *nods head; nearly breaks neck* Multi-POVs is a great way to give fans a chance to just lose themselves in their favorite characters for a chapter or two. When I invest in a character, I almost pout whenever they're not in the book and kind of squeal whenever the story is told from their point of view. But don't tell anyone about the squealing, please.

I've had great success with the multiple POVs I wrote in the Oracle of Delphi series. Readers look forward to Strafford's incessant grumbling, Ace's adorable hilarity, and Swindle's quick witted dialogue, and I try to give them as much air time as possible. Though the book centers around Chloe (and I will continue to make her POV the main POV. Sorry, fangirls), the guys in her life definitely make an impact on this series and receive so much love, they each are getting their own novella. Strafford already has his (Solar, Defeated), but Swindle and Ace's are on the way. See? Compromise.

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