Romance writers, be featured on our site in September...twice.

It's time to get ready for Romance Month, which is September. As we did last month and are again doing this month, we will be having a scavenger hunt. Since the scavenger hunt will be linking to Amazon pages instead of posts on this site, a promo post is not strictly necessary. It'll be more of an add-on.

The basic package will not come with a promo post, in other words. The reason is two-fold but simple. The promotion a single post gets is not on the same level as something that is heavily promoted on Twitter, such as the actual scavenger hunt or a post with some sort of Twitter marketing attached.

The deluxe package will come with a promo post that is properly promoted on Twitter. As well as everything that is offered with the basic package, of course

I will be offering something new with both packages to make either of them worth your while. Last month and this month I featured scavenger hunt books in the weekly Cover Wars meme. My goal for September is to turn Cover Wars into a paid program, which is the second reason I'm not offering a promo post with the basic package. I want to focus my promotional klout on Cover Wars. As long as there is enough interest, the only books that get featured will be scavenger hunt books.

But in order to charge for entry (or at least tie entry in with your scavenger hunt fee), I need to make it more than just a casual public vote. It needs to be a true competition, one where the winner gets something worthwhile.

Free promotion on this site seems to be a good idea to me, so the winner of the Romance Cover Wars in September will get a promo post, long-term tweets to promote that post, and I'll even throw in a few Amazon tweets to directly promote their book's Amazon page.

So, if you purchase the deluxe package and get first place in Cover Wars, you'll get two promo posts, both of them promoted long term on Twitter. Plus, there's something else in the works that will benefit the winner of the Cover Wars, but I won't say anything more now. Just this: a new form of promotion is coming.

Scavenger Hunt Details

So, I've talked up the Cover Wars angle, something that I hope whets your appetite for the coming friendly competition. But I should discuss the scavenger hunt itself. Five dollars of your fee, whether you purchase the basic or deluxe packages, will go toward Amazon gift cards. In order to earn entries for the giveaway, people will play a scavenger hunt. Last month we had 43 people play, earning 409 entries. I would like to hope we have more this month and even more in September.

What will people be scavenging?

Something about your book and your website/blog. There will be lots of ways to earn entries, but in order to open up these other options, each participant will have to answer one question about each of the participating books. After they've done that, a host of other entry options will be available, including visiting your website and answering a question about someone there. Added to that, if the winning entry is a non-scavenger hunt option, such as following someone on Twitter, each of the scavenger hunt questions must be answered correctly, hopefully encouraging all to actually look at the information.

Where will the scavenger hunt answers come from?

The players of the scavenger hunt will be directed to an Amazon page. The answer to a question will be found in your book's description. I can't think of a better way to encourage people to pay attention to what your book is about.

So, if you are a Romance Author,
take advantage of this special event.
  • 2 Scavenger Hunt Questions (Amazon page and a page on your website/blog)
    • The Amazon page stop is mandatory before other entry options can be used.
  • Featured in Cover Wars
    • Get all your friends to come vote for your book to keep it in the running each week.
    • The winner of Cover Wars gets free promotion as described in this blog post.
  • Everything that comes with the Basic package
  • A promo post during Romance Month
    • Long term tweets to promote that post
    • The promo post and tweets are equivalent to $15 worth of normal advertising on this site.

Choose a package

After you have purchased a package, send me an email if you'd like. Otherwise I'll email the address you give to Paypal.