"I liked this book for many reasons." Dognapped? by @charmaineclancy #mystery

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(A Dog Show Detective Mystery)

Written by Charmaine Clancy

A lost dog
A stolen dog
A mysterious will

It all equals murder!

Meet twelve-year-old Kitty, friendless bookworm and amateur sleuth. All Kitty wants is to gain her mother's attention, spend time with her miniature schnauzer Spade, and avoid Miss Perfect, Jessica Jones.

Kitty's world turns upside down when she finds a lost dog, and she needs Jessica's help to find the owner, hunt down a dognapper, and solve a murder.

Can you solve the mystery before Kitty? Will you spot the danger that awaits her?

Introducing Kitty Walker and her mischievous dog Spade in the first Dog Show Detective Mystery.

Girls will love this new cozy murder mystery!

Praise for 'Dognapped?'

This is a cute, MG mystery book with excellent pacing and mounting suspense.

I liked the feisty heroine of this book. Kitty feels like the genuine article, in that she has all the insecurities of a twelve year old.

Kitty's voice is lively and feisty, which makes her a strong character. Even the dogs have their own distinct personalities. Dognapped? was an entertaining and educational read, with the added benefit of a crime solved at the end. I learned a bit about dog showing and the care of certain breeds. Clearly, the writer knows her stuff.

Such a great book. A mystery that is challenging to solve, but had many funny parts in it. I found myself trying to figure out the mystery before the story was finished, but the author hid the clues so well, that even I couldn't guess the answer!

It was light and made for quick reading while waiting for my kids but I especially enjoyed the twists in this mystery.

I liked this book for many, many reasons.

First, Spade was a joyful reminder of our miniature schnauzer that we lost last year from cancer. The author captured the spirit of this wonderful breed.

Second, my daughter won her fist ever jr. handler the first time she went into the ring. It bought back memories of times past.

Third, Friendships can come when least expected.

Fourth, I am a very picky reader and this book kept my attention. Not too many words so that the reader gets bored.

Fifth, The mystery was compelling and not stuffed with too many characters.

I think this would be a wonderful family read and I would tell anyone not to miss this delightful book.