2.5 on the Masq Scale. The Happenstance Marshal by Michael O'Gara #mystery #bookreview

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The Happenstance Marshal

(The Millie Mysteries)

Written by Michael O'Gara

Genre: Mystery

Book Synopsis

When life gives you lemons
set out to save a town and
get the badge and a gun you’ve always wanted.

Millie’s life presently sucks and that’s SUCKS in capital letters. She’s out of work and has just lost her best friend. Given the economic problems of the City of Safe Haven Harbor, Millie’s prospects aren’t good. The City is broke, business is bad, everyone’s struggling and a new reform Council has been elected to get to the bottom of the mess.

They’ve hired a new hunk of a City Manager and if Millie thinks her life is complicated now she has no idea what’s around the corner. Millie will be thrown into the midst of mystery, sexual temptation, adventure and misadventure, as well as life threatening danger. Through it all she will learn she has a natural talent that will change her life.

Linda's Review

Let me begin be saying that I was very interested in reading this book. It's not my usual genre, but truthfully that is seldom the most important factor for me.

What I liked: There was a sweet innocence about many of the characters including the main character Millie. It seemed that no matter what malevolent turn of events she encountered, somehow the best case scenario always came to pass. Even though many of her circumstances are beyond coincidental some part of me enjoyed her honesty, strong will and pure heart.

I also think that the author came across as knowledgeable about police procedures, equipment and corruption adding some credibility to his story.

What daunted me: I read a softcover copy and an actual book is my preference, however, in this case it was not a plus. I found the layout of the book awkward, chapters began on the top of the page, middle of the page, bottom of the page or back of the page. This detracts from the books overall professional look and can easily be corrected.

It is also my personal opinion that this book would have benefited immensely from more detailed editing services. Making allowances for the authors personal style, with a little fine tuning this story would just read better. I was often so distracted by clumsy sentence structure that I couldn't properly appreciate the message he was trying to convey.

All in all, the story is entertaining with some strong christian values peeking through.

If you like your mystery with a happy ending and a bit of "rags to riches" added in for good measure, then you should enjoy this one.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

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