Everyone should read this. Ethan Justice: Origins by @simonrjenner #mystery

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Ethan Justice: Origins

(Ethan Justice #1)

by Simon Jenner


In the morning, he's struggling to remember. By the evening, he's struggling to survive. John Smith's risk avoidance policy just expired!

Waking up beside the gorgeous Savannah Jones, John is shocked to learn she was for hire, and he can't pay the price - a thousand pounds or broken legs. In desperation, he turns to best friend, Mark, for the money. Only one problem - Mark has a dagger in his back.

John and Savannah are plunged into a dangerous world where wits and adrenaline are their only weapons and trust in each other their only certainty. As the body count mounts, they discover Mark wasn't the person John thought, and his terrifying invention may well end up killing thousands, John and Savannah included.

A race to recover the missing invention pits the unlikely pairing against ex-SAS psychopath, Gregory Fisher, a man who will stop at nothing and kill anyone in his way to wreak revenge against the Government who stole his livelihood.

When Smith and Jones team up, the result is explosive.

Ethan Justice: Origins is a fast-paced, action-packed, character-driven thriller, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, cringe, cry and cheer.

This book contains a few violent scenes, a dash of sex and the odd bit of bad language, so please don't buy it if you are easily offended.

Praise for Ethan Justice: Origins

This was an excellent read. I enjoyed it immensely. I kind of felt sorry for the main character at the beginning but, boy, did he really grow a pair as the story moved forward. The author has written a very believable relationship between the lead character and Savannah. The bad guy was very dark and he made me feel uncomfortable. I would not like to meet him in reality. The story went along at that perfect pace where I just couldn't put it down, I had to keep reading to find out how it all ended. Can't wait for more in this series.

Everyone should read this. The twists, the turns, you were there with them all the way. Was so sad when book ended, didn't want it to end.

I like how Simon Jenner talks about important subjects such as trafficking, sexual abuse etc. His way of making the reader aware of all the important matters is brilliant.

The book is very well written, reads fast & does get your mind wondering.

I would recommend the novel to not only people who like Guy Ritchie's films but also everyone interested in a good old fashion criminal story.

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