Are you currently a bestselling indie mystery writer?

On Thursdays during Fantasy month (last month) we ran interviews with bestselling Indie fantasy authors. This is Thursday, but we don't have an interview lined up. We would like to have some interviews for the rest of the month, though. Instead of personally contacting a bunch of authors who we feel fit the profile, I'm putting this blog post out asking for volunteers.

One time you don't have to pay

Getting promoted on this site is becoming more difficult as our popularity (and traffic) increases ... without forking over a few coins, that is. Of course, some of this is by design since this site (and my other online activities) is now my main source of income. That's good for all indie authors, though, since we have plans for expansion, which you should hear about soon.

How this fits in with this post is simple: the weekly indie interviews as part of our featured month's theme are free. Besides, it would be hard to pinpoint our selection and then ask for money. (However, any donations toward the furtherance of the goals of this site are greatly appreciated.)

So, if you are mystery writer (and especially if you have a series that is selling well), please fill out the following form to be considered for an indie interview.