A Masquerade Crew Client Testimonial from @ElizabetGood

Indie authors, like myself, go through marketing our hard work pretty much on our own, don't we? But sometimes, through the maze and confusion of this daunting task, a few shining lights like The Masquerade Crew make it oh-so-much-more easy and fun. Mark and his crew are professional, knowledgeable "book people," and it shows.

I have yet to avail myself of all the different services offered by these masked marketeers, but I will. They have diligently pushed out dozens and dozens of Tweets about my book, and I still reap the benefits! They have it all---from the proverbial soup to nuts, depending on your needs, wants and your budget. Which brings up money. Guess what? The Masquerade Crew is very affordable, even for the thinnest Indie wallet.

Their website is designed with color, flair and is easy to navigate. I love reading the right-on-time email notifications with The Masquerade Crew's author interviews and book features, and so much more. They are a hard-working bunch and you'd be foolish not to take advantage of all they have to offer.




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