A Masquerade Crew Client Testimonial from @marshacornelius

I have known Mark Lee and his crew since my first book was reviewed back in March, 2012. They are one of the most supportive websites for authors tht I have found. So when I decided to promote my new book in April, 2013, I went to Masquerade Crew to advertise.

My promo ran from April 1 to 7. Throughout the week, followers of Masquerade Crew retweeted announcements about my new book every day. I was amazed at the number of posts and began an informal tally of retweets. I estimated that over 140 different Twitter accounts retweeted Mark’s posts about my book. When I tallied up the followers of these accounts, I got a grand total of 777,500 potential customers. And that count was just in the first four days!

My sales for the month of April doubled, not in small part to the Masquerade Crew’s posts. And since then, Mark has continued to post tweets about my books. He is truly a supporter of authors. I highly recommend using them for your promotional needs.




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