A Masquerade Crew Client Testimonial from @LAMatthies

When I'm asked in interviews "what is the most difficult thing about writing?" Without hesitation I say marketing the book! That is where The Masquerade Crew is such a wonderful resource. Anyone who has self published can tell you that actually getting your book in front of the target audience can be daunting. Today, with the popularity of the internet, it pays to plan out a strategy. The Masquerade Crew is proficient when it comes to connecting with this audience. Their website is updated, fresh & interesting and they are always active on Social Media. Even if you've never sent a TWEET before, with a little help from The Masquerade Crew, Twitter will be buzzing about your book in no time!

This is a very competitive business ...YES I said business! We all need to surround ourselves with professionalism, competency, and integrity! It's all too easy to spend a great deal of money with little or no result, especially when you don't know your way around the block! Thank you, Masquerade Crew for your hard work, guidance and follow through!


L.A. Matthies


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