Round 3 of the #Mystery Cover Wars. Which 4 covers move on to the semi-finals?

Two covers were "voted off the island" last week, so we are down to 6. Two more will be knocked out in this round. Which 4 make the cut and move on to the semi-finals?

You decide.

Let's meet this week's candidates

Covers link to

Because 4 covers are making it to the next round, the semi-finals, 
you can vote for your 4 favorite covers.

Which is your favorite?

The Mystery Scavenger Hunt has an entry option for each round of the Mystery Cover Wars. You have to play the actual hunt first, and then the option to vote for your favorite cover becomes available ... at the very bottom. Why should you do this? Because voting for your favorite cover will earn you 5 chances at winning one of several gift cards.

I'll give you another reason to vote for your favorite cover via the Scavenger Hunt. Whichever book gets the most votes at the end of the month will receive a free promo post on this site. What a great way to support an Indie author!

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This version of Cover Wars was originally inspired by a meme of the same name from Book Whore.