A #mystery that keeps you guessing. Henry Wood: Time and Again by @ExtremelyAvg

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Henry Wood: Time and Again

(Henry Wood Detective series)

by Brian Meeks

Fans of Dashiell Hammett, who long for days of Bogart and Becall, will appreciate Henry Wood's sleuthing.

1955, Manhattan, and Henry has just gotten the call. Mickey is dead. His long time mentor and friend, run down outside their favorite bar, The Dublin Rogue. It looks like a simple hit and run, but keen eyes notice there is only one empty parking spot on the street, and the pile of cigarette butts in the gutter tells a different tale. Somebody was waiting, but who?

A novel in black and white, it harkens back to the days before Google, cell phones, and computer data bases. Henry must use cunning to uncover the truth, because everyone connected to the case has an agenda. There is much sleuthing and just the slightest hint of science fiction hiding in the closet of Henry's basement. All of it, though, is there to give him a chance to uncover the answers.

Take a journey back in time and see Manhattan as it was when the Yankees always seemed to win, and Brooklyn had Ebbets Field and the Dodger. There is history, intrigue and hints at romance that will keep you turning page after page until it is time to flip off the light.

If you like a mystery, then Time & Again is for you.

Praise for Time and Again

Might I begin by saying I do like a good mystery. I enjoy watching shows like Matlock, NCIS, Perry Mason and more. Give me all day to watch Law and Order: SVU reruns and I'm happy. I love the mysteries which keep you guessing, those which don't give away who did it during the very first chapter. Those are never fun!

If you are like me, liking good mysteries, and want a great mystery to read, then I highly suggest Henry Wood: Time & Again by Brian D. Meeks. Mr. Meeks does a fantastic job of setting up everything, from who was murdered, the possible suspects, his friends and acquaintances and more without giving away who did it! I found the writing exciting, intense, some laughable moments, serious at times and couldn't put the book down!

A clever and original whodunnit filled with plotting characters whose pasts come back as they compete for an ancient work of genius.

Puts the current high-tech, high-gore crime shows to shame.

Thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable. It's a time traveling delight before all the tourists moved in.

Brian Meeks novel, "Henry Wood : Time And Again" (Henry Wood Detective Series) is a very good read. From the moment I began the book I couldn't put it down until the last word. Brian Meeks' character development brings the reader into a personal relationship with Henry, and each character Henry comes in contact with.

Transporting the reader back to 1950's New York City, describing the scenes with simplicity, actually puts the pictures in one's mind clearly in focus. The twists and turns Mr. Meeks takes you through leave you nearly breathless with anticipation.

I have not read the first in his series, "Henry Wood Detective Agency" but am certainly going to now. And I look forward to the journey that Henry continues in future novels.

Well done Mr. Meeks, and thank you for creating Henry.

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