What books did you buy in February? Featuring @ScottWhitmore @craigt1 @marshacornelius & others

Here's a new feature I'm trying out. I'll list books we promote or mention in some way (such as a review) which are bought each month. These books were purchased the same day a link to Amazon was clicked on this site. In other words these books were most likely bought in direct correlation to our promotional efforts. Since February just ended, I'll start there. Seems logical to me, anyway.

To check out a book, simply click it's cover and you will be magically transported to Amazon. (Disclaimer: it's not really magic)

But that isn't all

But that isn't the only thing that was bought from our links to Amazon. You see, if a person clicks on one of our links but decides to buy something else, Amazon attributes that secondary sale to us as well. Here are a few of those books.

Not just books

Did you know that there's more on Amazon than just books? Well, here's what some of our readers bought in February.

What did you buy in February from Amazon?

Tell us in a comment what you bought in February. I may feature some items in an upcoming post—the crazier the better.