Cover Wars: cop vs vigilante detective. @JChaseNovelist VS @MichelleBellon

This is a "meme" started by Book Whore. Cover Wars takes two covers and puts them against each other. I tried to pick books that have similar themes (and maybe even similar covers). This week: cop vs vigilante detective.

Dark Mind by Jennifer Chase 
A Serial Killer Plagues an Island ParadiseVigilante detective Emily Stone continues her covert pursuits to find serial killers and child abductors, all under the radar while shadowing police investigations.Emily searches for an abducted nine-year-old girl taken by ruthless and enterprising slave brokers.

Following the clues from California to the garden island of Kauai, she begins to piece together the evidence and ventures deep into the jungle.It doesn't take long before Emily is thrown into the middle of murder, mayhem, and conspiracy.

Locals aren't talking as a serial killer now stalks the island, taking women in a brutal frenzy of ancient superstitions and folklore. Local cops are unprepared for what lies ahead. In a race against the clock, Emily and her team must identify the killer before time runs out.

Rogue Alliance by Michelle Bellon 
Trying to escape a horrific past, Shyla has immersed herself in life as a tough, sassy cop in the bustle of LA. When the case of a lifetime takes her back to her hometown of Redding, she is thrown into a world of organised crime, deceit, and bitter reminders of her childhood.

As Shyla’s path crosses that of Brennan, an unwitting and troubled sidekick to the ringleader she’s intent on taking down, she is forced to re-evaluate everything she believes about herself, her job, and what she knows about right and wrong.

Can she face the demons of her upbringing and learn to trust again? Her life will depend on it.

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