Cover Wars: Battle of the Brits - @ThorStonewell vs @burns_writer

This is a "meme" started by Book Whore. Cover Wars takes two covers and puts them against each other. I tried to pick books that have similar themes. This week: English History

Stone of Destiny by Thor Stonewell 
From Edinburgh Castle to Piccadilly Circus to King Arthur’s ancient Isle of Avalon, join our heroes down the rabbit hole of royalty where the right secret, sufficiently veiled, can ensure the lifelong reaping of billions of dollars, and worse, the lifelong ruling over billions of lives.

Is the Queen of England playing the world for a con? Where is the Stone of Destiny?

To answer one question is to answer the other.

Honour and Glory: The Battle for Saxony (A Historical Novel Set in the Dark Ages) by Nathaniel Burns 
Honour and Glory will transport the reader right into this legend-shrouded part of the Early Middle Ages. With his story, Nathaniel Burns has woven a rich, dark tapestry of one of the pivotal periods in medieval European history. His historically accurate descriptions rich in authentic detail bring this remote, mysterious world to life again before your very eyes.

So stoke the fire, draw your armchair closer and dive into this wonderful historical novel full of the love, the intrigue, the warriors and the battles of a bygone Europe…

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