Twisting ancient tales into a modern gem. The Throne of Olympus by @intheAMDay

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The Throne of Olympus

by A.M. Day

What if helping a stranger throws you into the lives of two ominous families claiming to be the descendants of Greek gods? What would you do? Love, honor and betrayal exists in every family, in every realm...

In the twenty-first century, mythical presence is preserved in storybooks. It is a time where heroic tales of the gods leap from the pages into the imagination, for most.

One night, in an instant, the life of twenty-two-year-old Lena Wilcox is forever changed after helping a stranger. She finds herself caught in between the feud of two mortal families with a blood bond to the Greek gods—the Andros family and the Anastogus family. Both claim superiority, both vie for the Throne of Olympus, but only one side is accepted…the Unworthy are not.

The God of Gods banished Zeus and the other Olympus gods long ago choosing descendants to rule on the throne in their place. This was meant to right the wrongs carried out against the first demigod Argus and the other hybrid offspring of the gods. The destiny of the throne has yet to be fulfilled.

Lena will have to make the difficult choice to follow the path of her destiny as the new rising goddess, along with a new descendant king on Mt. Olympus leaving her earthly life behind. Together, they will become a modern-day Zeus and Hera to protect Olympus and the throne, and to keep the Unworthy from raising the demigod Argus in their ongoing plight for revenge.

Before any of this can happen, Lena must first sort through her feelings about the reality she knows to be true. The reality brought forth by those claiming to be descendants of the Greek gods, staking a claim to their right for the Throne of Olympus.

Praise for The Throne of Olympus

It is a light-hearted read and the author shows good knowledge of Greek Mythology.

Being a huge fan of Greek mythology, I was more than a little excited to read this book. A.M Day did a good job twisting the ancient tales of the Greek gods into a modern gem that will leave you wanting more.

I've been a fan of Greek mythology for over 30 years. Really enjoyed this fresh retelling of classic Greek characters...would make a great movie.

Author Bio

A.M. Day is an American writer, former freelance journalist and avid FOC (Freak of Coffee) living in Wisconsin with her children and their dog Simi. She grew up in the Windy City, where she first tasted the zest for writing and directing as a young girl after her sister took her in to work one day and she saw a transforming performance of A Christmas Carol at the downtown Chicago Goodman Theatre.

Though her journey has been long and winding to write, no matter what was going on, writing has always come back to her full circle. A.M. Day finally put a stop to anything that had nothing to do with her dreams of becoming a writer, and so, she wrote...and wrote...and wrote.

The Throne of Olympus Book One: Blood Bond is A.M. Day's debut novel for this Modern-day Twist, Greek Myth/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance series.

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